Our henna application is truly a custom designed art for your body. The art of henna, also known as Mendhi, has been around for centuries. This art started in ancient India years before the Egyptian Pharaohs used it as hieroglyphics in the pyramids of Giza. Henna is used in beautiful and intricate design that has adorned brides in many parts of Northern Africa, the Middle East and India. Recently, fashionistas, celebrities and even every day people have been captivated by the mystical allure of Henna.


Traditionally, Henna is applied to brides two to three days prior to their wedding day. It is intricately drawn on the palms, back of hands, and feet. It is almost a form of an aphrodisiac that helps calm down the bride due to its Ayurvedic compositions of all natural henna plant leaves, eucalyptus oils, clove oils and cold water. This natural composition when applied to the skin contracts the nerves in order to calm down nervousness, so we don’t have to deal with an edgy bride.


Our team is professionally trained and certified in the art of henna. Trained under the Guinness World Book famous record holder Ash Kumar, our artist custom designs the henna application specified by the client’s needs to intricately showcase every line and detail keeping in mind the value of photographic memories that will last a lifetime. So come let us create a master piece just for you!