How to safely throw a wedding right now?

Probably, this is something every couple has on their minds.

The COVID-19 outbreak has certainly thrown a wrench in many couple’s wedding plans in 2020. Till now, countless weddings have either been canceled or postponed. It’s high time we accept this harsh truth and stop wallowing in wine-soaked pity parties anymore.

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In 2020, all micro-weddings need to have the following:

You must include all the necessary guidelines and precautions in a stylish-yet-friendly manner.

All you need is to be a little more creative, and you can plan your wedding in the most fantastic way.

If you’re planning to have a virtual wedding or a backyard wedding, you need some gathering rules and creative ideas to make your wedding a bonafide bash.

Creativity of event planners
11 Creative Ideas to Celebrate your Big Day Despite the Pandemic
Inevitably, the pandemic has made your wedding look different.

Many couples said their ‘I dos’ in the most remarkable way from Zoom videos to balcony vows. It would be advisable to take vows with just a few considering the risk of the pandemic. You can still celebrate your love in the most heartwarming way, using some of these creative ways.

1. Get yourself personalized masks
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Wearing a mask is mandatory, as recommended by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There are tons of custom masks made by designers from classic whites to silky satins. The couple can even opt for a unique and textured design face mask printed for you and your squad.

You can also opt for a floral embroidered face mask that matches your attire, or a contrasting one will work too.

2. Come up with a COVID-19 themed party

This may sound insane, but all you need to do is opt for minimalist decoration. Add a few hoardings in the entrance asking people to sanitize or wash their hands on a regular basis.

It’s advisable to place sanitizer stations at every counter. Designer gloves for the bride’s and groom’s family can be a great idea too.

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To avoid hugging, the couple can plan on making a photo booth (at a level) wherein all your guests can click selfies. You can even create booths at every end with innovative masks, sanitizers, and place creative boards reminding people about social distancing.

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3. Plan out a wedding tailgate

Say your ‘I dos’ with a tailgate wedding and toast your guests from a distance. It sounds great, right!

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Many couples are following this trend wherein the couple walks through the rows to greet everyone in a perfect tailgate-style setup. All the guests park their cars in their parking lot or football ground and congratulate the couple while maintaining social distancing.

If you wish to plan an intimate wedding ceremony, you can even schedule a car parade with your close friends and relatives in attendance. Later, invite them to come by and congratulate you on a festive car parade.

4. Maintain proper seating arrangement

Outdoor weddings benefit from following proper social-distanced seating arrangements. Plan strategic seating arrangements like a curved arch design for maximum space. Make sure you ask for floor plans to help you plan your seating arrangements and layouts.

Instead of buffets, introduce sit down dinners to keep the food safe and practice social distancing even while eating. There has been a shift towards plated meals during the pandemic as it allows more sanitization control from the caterers.

5. Throw a drive-in movie wedding

A drive-in movie-themed wedding is a genius idea!

The setup is simple. You have the couple, priest, bridesmaids, and best man standing at a distance, followed by a small group of people watching the ceremony on the big screen.

You can even live stream the entire ceremony for remote guests. This shows that you can have the wedding of your dreams with a little bit of imagination.

6. Organize an open mic

Say no to traditional speeches and host an open mic such that everyone can speak a few words for the couple. If this doesn’t work for you, then ask your friends to record speeches and play all the pre-recorded speeches as the couple watches them together while sipping champagne. It’s the best way of having a heartfelt wedding experience.

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7. Opt for creative social distancing wristbands

Colorful social distancing wristbands are a sweet way of reminding the guests about social distancing at the reception. Despite all the safety measures, some of your guests may end up hugging or kissing each other, and you won’t be able to stop them.

Your guests can communicate their comfort level by wearing their desired color. These wristbands will prevent those awkward hug-dodging situations.

8. Did you click your guest list photo?

It would be challenging to have a family photo during this pandemic. Instead, you can get a group shot with the entire guest list present on the wedding day. The newlyweds can take a picture with all the virtual guests all in one frame.

9. Turn your backyard into a wedding hall

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It’s been a trend wherein couples are tying the knot at home in the presence of their virtual friends and families. It’s like transforming your backyard or living room into a beautiful space using potted plants, draped fabric, hanging floral baskets and couple photos, twinkle lights, etc. Connect with your near ones online.

Otherwise, you can also plan your special day at your new apartment. Since you’ve fewer guests, you can even get married at your local haunt where you first locked eyes like a junction or outside a food joint when you had love at first sight. Your wedding planner in Atlanta will give you better ideas.

10. Hold a virtual dance party

How about hosting a virtual dance party for your guests?

Ask your DJ to prepare a playlist and host it on a secure video streaming platform. Play everyone’s favorite track wirelessly, and your attendees can join in on the live stream and dance in the comfort of their homes. You can dance the night away with all your guests on the streaming service.

11. Give away memorable souvenirs/gifts

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To mark the day, you can gift a custom mask with the date printed on it. A memorable souvenir can include a sanitizer with a thank you message and the wedding date to commemorate the day. A wine or champagne bottle with a customized message written by the couple will work too.


Place signboards at every junction to help your guests with the ceremony and where they should be going. Try to guide them by giving them the order of events, menu options, specialty drinks, etc. This can prevent movement and touch things unnecessarily.

We hope some of these easy fixes and creative ways can help your family and friends maintain social distancing while enjoying the wedding.

Weddings are a medium to celebrate your love and bless you for your happy life. It’s your choice to celebrate your day. Try to be as creative as possible and make it the best day of your life.

Always remember:Even in difficult situations, love will find its way, my friend!

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