Is there anything more enticing than a sunny day? The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and event planners have more alternatives than at any other time of year. While certain sections of the United States have reopened with restrictions due to COVID-19, and most party plans have altered due to social distancing, this does not imply that parties have to be any less entertaining! So, whether you’re throwing a small gathering with friends and family or an online party this summer, you can make it extra special with a virtual summer party.

A virtual birthday party, virtual bachelorette party, or just a regular weekly virtual happy hour will benefit from a party theme.

Here are 8 entertaining summer party themes in 2021! So, without any further ado, let’s get started

1. Make a Buzz

First and foremost, get everyone enthused for the virtual summer party!

Depending on your budget, this may be as simple as sending teaser email invites, a series of reveal emails revealing the many events at the party, or a countdown. You might hold a contest to see who can come up with the most incredible fancy dress theme, or you could nominate someone to do a forfeit during the conference.

Alternatively, if you have the funds, why not design some hampers or boxes to deliver to each employee? Nothing like the excitement of receiving a surprise package stuffed with gifts. The treats might be branded stuff, party-related products, or just entertaining things to have around

2. Escape the Room

You may already feel like you’re trapped in an escape room on quarantine, so why not try to break free from one that’s real? The Escape Game allows groups of up to eight people to book an escape room (larger groups get booked into two rooms). This is one of the best summer party ideas in 2021!

Your group communicates with a physically present person in the escape room—they have a live camera and can help you with the clues. There’s also a dashboard where you may obtain a 360-degree picture of the area and the artefacts you locate at any time to figure out your next clue. Then, try to solve it in the 60 minutes you’ve been given.

3. Summer Festival Online

Given the difficulties of working during a pandemic, there’s even more motive to go online. It’s also simple to involve family members in fun! A summer festival is a fantastic opportunity for a virtual summer party to express gratitude for everyone’s efforts.

A compiled list of online activities ranging from virtual magic to cocktail masterclasses may be utilized to fill a day or evening with enjoyment.

4. Hands-on Experience

We propose including at least one activity in which each employee may get engaged and feel like they contribute to the event. Quingo is one such example of summer party themes!

Quingo is a game that combines bingo and a quiz! To figure out which number to daub on your bingo card, you’ll have to interpret puzzling riddles. For example, a hypothetical inquiry may be, “How many days are there in February in a leap year?” To which you may respond, “How many days are there in February in a leap year?” if you have the number 29 on your card! The individual who dabs a whole row of numbers first wins. There will be a variety of prizes up for grabs, as well as three rounds spanning around 90 minutes in total.

5. Have a Movie Night with Your Friends

A movie-night theme will transport your company to another realm. You might go about embracing this concept in a variety of ways. First, find a location that can host an outdoor cinema showing followed by a party for the ultimate drive-in movie experience.

Movie munchies and milkshakes as a part of your summer party will add to the event’s authenticity, and using the movie as a conversation topic may be a fantastic way to start some team-building.

6. Dinner Party at a Distance

These meals are now held through video calls rather than at restaurants and are one of the excellent party ideas in 2021. In addition, small dinner parties are a perfect way to get people together and encourage spontaneous discussion.

To throw a dinner party at a distance, follow these steps:

  • First, choose a date and time.
  • Send a link to your coworkers for a meeting.
  • Choose a theme, such as “pizza,” “foreign food,” or “comfort food,” or allow staff complete control over the menu.
  • Provide a food subsidy.
  • Prepare a list of talking points and virtual activities. l Feast as though you were a king or queen.

One entertaining variant on the dinner party idea is to cook instead of ordering out. For example, you and your team may settle on a menu ahead of time and then send an item list or a box from a meal prep service to employees. Then, you and your teammates may cook and eat the food together while on the call.

Another option is to give it a summer party theme, such as “old Hollywood,” “heroes from history books,” or “time travellers.”

One distinct advantage of remote dinner parties is that you can only chat to coworkers seated near you at traditional restaurants, however on video conference, you may speak to any teammates at any moment throughout the meal. Additionally, because guests get meals ahead of time, you save time by not examining a menu or placing an order, allowing colleagues to connect as soon as they arrive.

Want to arrange your virtual summer dinner party at home? Speak with KIS Cubed Events to book your appointment now!

7. Breakfast in Bed with a Digital Touch

Breakfast in Bed is the weekday equivalent of brunch. Weekday breakfasts often consist of a bagel or granola bar and a cup of coffee to go, but weekends are ideal for sleeping in and meeting up with friends over eggs benedict, French toast, and mimosas.

You may provide your employees with the option of having a digital breakfast in bed and add a summer party theme to help them relax in the morning.

To offer a digital breakfast in bed, follow these steps:

  • First, send a video call to begin the working day.
  • Request that team members arrive in their jammies. Encourage the use of fluffy slippers.
  • Allow half an hour for colleagues to relax in bed, have breakfast, and converse with one another.

8. Invite Your Friends and Family

Housemates or family members might disrupt your Zoom call. Your employees may never meet these family members since your virtual workplace lacks in-person celebrations and picnics.

Here are some suggestions:

  •  Plan a playdate that includes kid-friendly activities such as video conference games or sing-a-longs.
  • By inviting significant others to answer for the employee, turn icebreaker questions into a variation of the Newlywed Game.
  • Encourage parents to tell sweet anecdotes about the employee when he or she was a kid.

Employees will feel less forced to split time between home and the virtual office due to this amicable overlap of business and personal life. They may choose to attend more optional social activities.

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This list of virtual summer party themes might serve as a jumping-off point for your next get-together. Your employees’ preferences can also guide your online event planning. If your team shows interest, take advantage of the chance for some social time.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is the critical need to keep people linked. Whether you want everyone to Zoom in or you need a more secure platform, we’ll help your business stay on track with happy, engaged, and focused employees – so let’s talk!

KIS Cubed Events can help you arrange your summer parties virtually. Contact us immediately to discuss your virtual party ideas in 2021 now!

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