Earth Day will celebrate its 51st anniversary in 2021. Every year, Earth Day is given a new subject or focus area; this year’s theme is “Restore Our Earth.”

Earth Day activities often vary from river cleanups to invasive species removals. For those of us, social distancing is already in effect this April, so Earth Day has embraced technology.

On Earth Day, virtual activities such as environmental seminars and films will be held (Thursday, April 22).

Of course, social distance does not exclude you from enjoying nature, as long as you do so safely! Remember, nature is still alive in our hearts!


What is Earth Day?


Have you ever wondered when is Earth Day celebrated and how it originated? The first most Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, when John McConnell, a San Francisco protester, and Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator, invited Americans to participate in a grassroots protest.

An impressive 20 million Americans—10 per cent of the population—took to the streets to condemn dangerously serious problems such as contaminated drinking water, air pollution, and the effects of pesticides.

President Richard Nixon was instrumental in establishing the Environmental Protection Agency, which resulted in landmark legislation such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.

Earth Day is not only an ordinary time for many communities to come together to clean up garbage, plant plants, or simply focus on the beauty of nature, but it has now become a popular time for many communities to come together to clean up litter, grow trees, or simply reflect their efforts on the beauty of nature.

We’ve compiled a list of events and programs that you can do to better the local community in this article!


8 Incredible Ways To Celebrate Earth Day in 2021!


Appreciating and honouring the natural world is a great way to commemorate Earth Day. Here are few Virtual Earth Day Event Ideas and Virtual Earth Day Activities in 2021 to get you to celebrate Earth Day in 2021.


1. Help Our Pollinators Out!

Incorporate wild bees and other pollinators into your garden. Choosing the best plants is one way to do this. Are you looking for Earth Day Event Ideas? Get more Earth Day Ideas by switching on to KIS Cubed Events!

Get to discover more about native bees from the web (the super-pollinators!)   and try constructing a native bee house (similar to a birdhouse!)

2. Clean Up The Plastic In Your Area Or A Local Park!

Cleanups are one of the easiest ways to communicate with the Earth! Take a stroll with a garbage can and assist with the cleanup of any plastic you come across.

Perhaps you know of a trash-filled ditch that needs to be cleaned up this spring! You’ll notice that plastic is present in every part of our lives.

Still, when the planet gets to know its addiction to plastic, how fast is it to get rid of it? Remember to reuse as much plastic as possible.

3. Change the Kitchen And Household Supplies!

Let’s speak about the cooking and cleaning ingredients that come into contact with our food and skin. Nowadays, everything is biodegradable, and no additives or plastic are used.

Consider using 100 per cent recycled aluminium foil for baking, chemical-free parchment paper for baking, recyclable potato starch bags, and even veggie inks for their packaging.

4. Go Ahead And Plant A Tree!

Our trees are very essential to us. They reduce the risk of disease spread, trap carbon, cool overheated areas, benefit crops, help pollinators, and improve local economies.

Did you know that one oak tree attracts more insect and bird species than a whole yard of flowers?

Request to the municipal authority that more trees and natural garden beds be planted in public areas, or try doing so yourself!

5. Plant Wildflowers and Native Exotic Plants!

Wildflowers and exotic plants are attractive, but they also attract native and beneficial insects, increasing pest control and pollination, resulting in larger flowers and harvests.

You’ll be surprised at the difference if you merely add a couple of native plants to your garden each year—they’ll attract pollinators as well as birds with each passing year!

Are you out of ideas to celebrate Earth Day in 2021? Contact Us to get the best Earth Day Ideas to preserve the earth and celebrate this Earth Day with Virtual Earth Day Activities in 2021.

6. Always Try To Reduce, Recycle and Reuse in the Garden!

Caring for yourself and the environment entails reducing pollution and saving money. Who could even disagree with this? Here are a few suggestions if you’re a gardener:

  • When you know you’ll need many topsoils, mulch, fertilizer, or other products, buy in bulk. This reduces the use of plastic bags. Many garden centres can send directly to your home.
  • Old plastic pots and trays may be reused, recycled, or returned.
  • Planting pots in the garden is a better way to conserve nature!

7. Consider Your Diet!

Every year, roughly one-third of the food we create goes to waste! This usually occurs after we have purchased the food.

How do we reduce waste (and save money) in our own lives? Even, what can we do to make our diets better for ourselves and the environment?

Even, what can we do to make our diets better for ourselves and the environment?

Even, what can we do to make our diets better for ourselves and the environment? One approach is to be concerned with your “foodprint,” which is the amount of all that goes into getting your food from farm to plate.

8. Save And Conserve Our Water!

We squander a great deal of water. Knowing how much water your garden needs can help you from overwatering your plants and enhance their health.

Avoid watering the garden vegetables and plants from above, as this encourages the growth of fungus.

Try using a drip irrigation system or a hose with irrigation holes for gardens, flower beds, trees, and other non-law areas. This would direct water directly into the soil, where you like it. Place sprinklers on timers if you would need them.

A rain barrel collects rainwater from roofs, gutters, and the sky. Try planting a rain garden in a low-lying field to catch runoff, filter toxins, and provide food and shelter for butterflies, songbirds, and other wildlife.


The Importance of Earth Day Celebrations!


Earth Day raises awareness about critical environmental issues and demonstrates that you are a part of a collective effort.

As a result, events emphasize looking naturally, such as planting trees, cleaning up water bodies, or volunteering at a community garden.

It is essential to raise awareness for a fruitful Earth Day celebration. Flyers and educational materials can be translated to help the event attract a wider audience.

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