Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, with so many people to please, so many decisions to make, and so much to organize.

Most aspects of wedding preparations require advance planning and booking, and it’s surprisingly common for couples to overlook the need for entertainment until last. The trouble is that almost all popular entertainment options book out well in advance, leaving many couples having to make do with what entertainers are available at relatively short notice.

Choosing the right entertainment for your special day makes a huge difference to the overall mood, experience, and, therefore, success of the occasion.

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing your wedding entertainment.


Budgets might not be romantic, but they are essential to planning a successful wedding. You need to base your wedding entertainment decision not only in relation to other wedding costs, but upon the going rates for entertainers in your local area, too. 

So, do your research. If you are getting married away from home, research the area’s most popular wedding entertainers, or ask the advice of your destination wedding planner.

Style of entertainment

Of course, you’ll want to book in entertainment that befits the type of wedding you are planning. While you understandably want it to suit your tastes as a couple, you want your guests to have a good time, too. For entertaainment it is important to display a tv or big display where they can watch any type of tv series, movies or entertainment and here the Danish IPTV can be one of the best choice. You may instinctively know what style you want, or you may need to consider this further before looking for particular acts.

Consider whether your desired atmosphere falls into one of the following categories:

    • Elegant, sophisticated, and formal
    • Fun, upbeat and lighthearted
    • Quaint and intimate
    • Charming and rustic
    • Bohemian 
    • Unique and quirky
    • Luxurious and decadent

You will never be able to please everyone, particularly if your guest list is extensive. Still, take a look through it and consider what the majority of guests would respond best to.

Attendance numbers

The size of the crowd can also impact your entertainment choices, not only in terms of style, but of course, in terms of scale. A 12-piece jazz band might be a little much for a small wedding of 20 guests. 

Furthermore, an act that typically caters to smaller crowds may not have the equipment to successfully entertain at larger-scale events and big venues.

If you are still waiting on RSVPs and need to predict your attendee numbers, work from average statistics. Many wedding planners attest to an average of 60 – 75 percent attendance. This can vary due to a number of factors, however, particularly in the case of destination weddings. For out-of-town guests, the attendance rate tends to fall nearer an average of 55 percent.

All that being said, you will need to check on the current Covid-19 restrictions in your area and make sure to add as much information as possible into your wedding program. Even as we head out of lockdowns and restrictions, health and safety at events are more important than ever. It’s fantastic that we are able to return to in-person events and hold larger weddings again, but it is essential that we exercise added caution. Ensuring that a solid plan is implemented for effective crowd control is crucial to a safe event, where all guests feel comfortable.

Break your wedding up into sections 

When deciding on entertainment, it can help to break the event down into sections and consider the needs of each block of time. Here are the most common blocks of time when breaking down a wedding:


The couple is prettying up, the guests are yet to arrive, and the vendors are arriving and getting everything ready. No entertainment is generally needed at this stage.

Guest arrival

As guests begin to arrive, it can be an awkward time if it’s too soon to take their seats for the ceremony. While guests are typically happy to be patient at this time, it’s a great idea to provide some entertainment while they wait.

A solo performer is a popular choice, and if you already have a musician booked for the ceremony, perhaps organize for them to perform during that pre-ceremony window, too.

Ceremony and photography

You may opt for a musician or background music during the ceremony, but that’s more for mood than entertainment. All eyes should be on the happy couple! Afterwards, though, guests can become a little restless while waiting for the newlyweds to have their pictures taken.

Providing some entertainment during this time is a great way to cut this tension for them. Popular choices include a solo performer, pianist, string ensemble, or photo booth.


Some couples opt for either silence or a mellow playlist for gentle background music while guests are eating and the toasts and speeches are being given. Alternatively, many will have whatever act they have booked for the after-dinner party to set up in time to cover dinner with lower volume, soft, yet upbeat music.

Other options besides music include speciality acts such as a caricature artist, photo booth, magician, or premium cigar roller. These acts can be especially helpful to keep guests entertained when they have finished eating early.


Time for everyone to let their hair down. Most people want (and expect) to enjoy an upbeat party at the end of a wedding. 

Common choices include:

    • Party band
    • Brass band
    • Jazz/Soul band
    • DJ

Hiring speciality acts like magicians and jugglers to stroll amongst the crowd, can provide some added entertainment for anyone not busy on the dance floor.

Finding the right balance

When deciding on your wedding entertainment, the most important thing is to strike that perfect balance between making yourselves happy and keeping your guests happy and entertained. Just make sure you don’t delay and miss out on your top choices.

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