Can you believe it’s Easter already?

Feels like we were just Celebrating Christmas in our pajamas and sipping on the eggnog! We’re sure there was a lot of hope that the pandemic would end by now, but apparently, it has decided to stay. All we can do is practice social distancing, stay healthy, and still keep up our spirits for all the fun holidays!

Now, there’s no much history of Easter day that we will have to get into the details of it before we talk to you about the celebration bit.

It is said that the naming of the day goes back to the pre-Christian era. The day is named after a Goddess from England who would be celebrated at the beginning of spring. Mind you; this was just the naming of the day. The day in itself is a celebration of the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the history books, Christ was resurrected three days after he was crucified by the Romans around 30 A.D.

Today, if we talk about when is Easter day celebrated, then the simplest answer would be that the date changes every year. This time around, it falls on April 4, Sunday.

Why you may ask?

That is because Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox. Holidays like Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday are known as movable feasts. Alright, enough of a history lesson, right?

Let’s hop right into the details of celebrating Easter Sunday 2021 in the best way possible!

First things first!

Set up a Zoom account or use any service that will allow you to gather guests and enjoy unlimited time online talking, playing, and downright having fun!

1. Bingo in Spring

Whoever thinks bingo is only for older people hasn’t played it enough to know how fun it really is! To play this Easter special game, you want to send a card to each of the members attending the party. The card will talk about different activities/topics like ‘Bakes Awesome Cookies’ or ‘February Birthday’ or ‘Loves to Wear Dresses’ etc. It depends on the people you’re playing with. Now, create break rooms and divide your guests. You could also discuss as a group to write the names of the players in the squares that they think suits a person.

Love the idea of celebrating Easter Sunday 2021 with bingo? There’s more!

2. Easter Package Delivery!

Since you won’t be able to meet your loved ones, you should send them goodies via mail. Talk about receiving Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies, Easter Stickers, Chocolate Eggs, Marshmallow Peeps, and all the awesome goodies that they love. Imagine the happiness on their faces when they are surprised with an Easter basket from you! You’ll bring back some fantastic memories from the past and create a ray of hope that next year you would be with them, celebrating Easter and finding Easter eggs together!

3. The Hopping Game

This Easter Sunday 2021 game is for kids and adults alike! The game is also a challenge, encouraging people to stay fit when stuck inside their homes. It’s an easy-to-follow activity. Each instruction will have to be carried out until the next demand isn’t presented.You, as the instructor of the online chatroom, will give various instructions like:

• Like the Chicken Pecks
• Like the Bunny Hops
• Like the Horse Struts
• Like the Kangaroo Jumps
• Like the Crab Strolls
• Like the Duck Swims

All of these high-intensity workouts are going to be fun to execute, and parents and children can have some fun together!

4. Riddle Away

To get the true essence of a holiday, you might want to riddle your guests about the history, ideology, how is Easter day determined, etc., and impart some knowledge on the same. Think about it. After having a fun session of playing around, you could teach the kids about the rich history that comes with celebrating Easter. It’s not only about the Easter eggs and bunnies, after all, right?

5. Decorating the Eggs

One activity that you wouldn’t have missed for the world is painting Easter eggs as a family. We’re sure a lot of people are going to miss this. But the same activity can be done in spite of being miles away and only connected via the Internet. So, what! In the spirit of Easter, you want to recreate the activities you would do as a kid with your parents and siblings. If you have kids of your own, then involving them in this tradition is going to be something they cherish for a lifetime! You want to make Easter Sunday 2021 the most memorable holiday of them all? Then get yourselves some DIY dye kits and get on Zoom!

We know Easter isn’t the same without going out and hiding eggs, getting together with family and friends, but the celebration should be the same!

When you host a virtual Easter party, it will show that you’re willing to celebrate a holiday with your loved ones no matter what. And this will surely make the bond between you guys stronger.

At the end of the day, that is what we all want, isn’t it?

So, go on!

Send your invites and prepare for a heart-felt Easter Sunday 2021 celebration.

Think we helped you hop into the spirit of Easter amid a pandemic? Then visit our event planners in Atlanta so that we can do everything in our power to make your special occasions all the more exciting and fun!

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