If you are a simply, sophisticated with style Bride & Groom, enter to WIN KIS (cubed) Events & Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai’s competition!  You and your significant other get a chance to win a $10,000 and up luxury photography package with London’s most sought after amazing talented team F5 Photography, a journalistic creative team of artist who will show you your beautiful faces through their cameras!  SUBMIT to WIN and be a part of our cube…

Prize include:

  1. Wedding & Reception Coverage with F5 Photography (As long as it takes)
  2. Online Gallery (For yourself, family & friends to share and view your photos)
  3. Hi-Resolution Digital Files (A disc w/ all hi-res printable files, for you to enlarge or create your own albums)
  4. Hair, Make-up and Styling (Hair, make-up and styling for the engagement shoot with Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai)
  5. Engagement Session (3 hour pre-wedding fun, relaxed, contemporary, portrait session)
  6. Storybook Album (Contemporary storybook album on photographic paper with transparent crystal cover, made in Italy. 14″x10″-50 pages thick-120 edited images



Tell us your love story in a very creative think outside of the box kind of way, it must be a creative delivery.  Get your thinking caps on and submit why you think you are going to be the 2012 couple of the year and what makes you and your fiance unique along with how you got to where you are to begin this next step in your lives.  Once you get it all together then submit it to [email protected] or mail it in to 1074 Peachtree Walk Suite B-121 Atlanta, GA 30309 so we can deliver one lucky couple with a royal treat!

We have extended the deadline and announcement date where Top 5 Couples will be announced by December 16th and narrowed down to top 3 by Dec. 25th, and the winner will be announced January 1st, 2012!  So hurry now and ENTER TO WIN, or call 855.KIS.CUBE (547.2823)!

**submissions will be accepted in written format, video, sound, and anything with reasonable clarity! contest rules and regulations will apply, and winner will be notified immediately upon winning**



We have produced a lot of style shoots this year, and most of all love working with amazing photographers and vendors who help our vision come to life.  Here is a sneak peak image from a recent shoot with Kate Byars Photography.  Stay tuned for many more!


Coordination: KIS (cubed) Events, Photography: Kate Byars Photography , Cinematorgrpahy: Rodinis Films//Haley Video, Venue: King Plow Arts Center , Furniture: Something Borrowed Rentals,  Sari’s: Ladlee Creations, Floral: Divine Affairs Atlanta, Beauty: Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai (Hair & Concept Artisan: Nirjary, Make-up Artisan: Erica), Decor: Event Rentals Unlimited & Tents Unlimited, Weddings in Style by Ragini Patel, Occasions by Shangrila


Special Thanks to  Aanal, Lalita, Joseph, Nicole, Julie, Mona, Lorrie Anne, Erica, Meredith, Amanda, Hayel, and Bold American Catering & Events

Over the past year, I’ve met a lot of non-South Asian people who have seemingly always asked me the same question: can you wear a sari even if you are not Indian?


The answer, to paraphrase POTUS, is: YES YOU CAN!


At Sari Closet, the online sari rental service founded earlier this year, we get this question very often, typically in the context of an impending attendance to the South Asian wedding of a friend or partner.

However, many are daunted by what looks like an intricate and complicated garment.   So to make wearing a sari seem less daunting, we wanted to give our non-South Asian friends some insights as to what they can expect when they wear a sari to their next South Asian wedding.

Here are actual questions that our experts – who we call “saristas”— have received from once-skeptical customers who are now sari enthusiasts.

Q. What will the other guests think of me wearing a sari?
A. They will be ecstatic.  South Asians typically love sharing their culture with others, and appreciate when others make an effort to learn our culture.

Q. Will I offend anyone by wearing a sari?
A. No, there is no religious connotation to the sari or to the bindi on your forehead.

Q. How difficult is it to wear?
A. It’s far easier than it looks.  On the Sari Closet YouTube channel, you’ll find a video on how to wear (we say “drape”) a sari.  The interns went from never having worn a sari before to being an expert on an instructional video in less than an hour.

Q. Will it really change my experience at the wedding?
A. ABSOLUTELY!  We hear this all the time from our non-South Asian friends.  If you show up to the wedding or reception wearing a Western outfit, you are a spectator; if you are in a sari, suddenly you are a part of the lovely chaos.

We’ve heard stories of being thrust onto the dance floor by random “uncles”, getting asked to advise on how the dishes are being prepared by the kitchen, and even being set up with a “good Indian doctor” by your “aunties” — either way, an unforgettable experience!

Q. Do I need to have a certain body type to wear a sari?
A. ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Because saris are essentially just one really long piece of fabric, they are one-sized fits all.  Thus, any woman can look beautiful and elegant in a sari.

Q. Is there a specific color I should wear?
A. Not really.  Generally, for a wedding or reception, I would avoid black as the dominant color.  But other colors are fair game.

Generally speaking, the saristas recommend bold, dark colors for those with a fairer skin complexion, and bright, lighter colors for those with darker skin complexions.

Q. What types of saris would you advise a non-South Asian to wear?
A. If you are not South Asian, but appear in a sari at the wedding or reception, you will stand out—in a good way, as someone who is ready to dive feet-first into the event and culture.  This means that no pattern or color is too bright or too loud.


So this should give you the confidence that you need to wear a sari.  Of all of our non-South Asian friends who have worn saris to weddings, exactly none of them have said that they didn’t enjoy the experience.  In short: go bold!”


Guest Blogger: Sreesha, Sari Closet Sarista

Visit Sari Closet’s Website, Facebook, Twitter and also on YouTube


Nirjary from KIS (cubed) Events and Ross from Ross Oscar Knight Studios always wanted the opportunity to work their magic together so our team jumped (literally) on the chance to organize a elegant yet simple photo shoot. You know a simple photo shoot with six models, four horses, two canoes and about forty people helping all on a 1,100 acre property.

We may have gotten a little carried away but can you blame us? We were  working with the most magnificent vendors who just kept wanting to bring and do more for us. We couldn’t be rude and say no!

It all started when Ross, Nirjary and Reshma went to meet with Maria from Fox Hall Sporting club to do a site visit. We got there and decided to shoot in 14 locations – eventually we narrowed it down but you can’t give creative people that 1,100 acres and not expect them to run wild. Especially when we met Karen, the stable manager, who offered us multiple horses and her entire stable. It was all coming together and multiplying so we decided we needed to call for backup.

Kelly and Dan from Tents Unlimited and Events Rentals Unlimited graciously provided us with the elegant gypsy tents that they just added to their inventory. Kelly then referred us to Something Borrowed Rentals where we met Jessica & Donna, who literally brought out their entire vintage furniture inventory for us.

We even brought out a few of our own Bridal Elements senior stylists to get each of the models photo ready. We wanted to capture the whole production so we had Ryan Rodninis from Rodinis Films come with his broken leg and capture the entire day’s events.

We all arrived at 4:45am and we were off! The day was a whirlwind and I couldn’t have done it without the help of each and every person there. Thank you all and we can’t wait to share the images with you. Until then,  here is the amazing BTS video created by Ryan….It’s truly amazing to see!


Coordination: KIS (cubed) Events, Photography: Ross Oscar Knight Studios , Cinematorgrpahy: Rodinis Films//Haley Video, Venue: Fox Hall Sporting Resort, Furniture: Something Borrowed Rentals, Bridal Gowns: Erica Angeline//Kelly’s Closet, Sari’s: Ladlee Creations, Floral: Divine Affairs Atlanta, Beauty: Bridal Elements by Nirjary Desai , Decor: Event Rentals Unlimited & Tents Unlimited, Weddings in Style by Ragini Patel, Occasions by Shangrila

Special Thanks to Ross, Yvonne, Cliff, Kimani, Kelly, Dan, Ryan, Wes, Maria, Karen, Jessica, Donna, Aanal, Lalita, Joseph, Nicole, Julie, Mrunalee, Victoria, Mona, Lorrie Anne, Erica, Meredith,Hayel, and Nirjary & Reshma!