National Best Friends Day was originally intended for humans, you wouldn’t let the day pass without spending some time with your most crucial BFF on the globe.

National Best Friends Day celebrated on June 8, is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your pet friend. Doing something special for your exceptional dog, who is always happy to see you when you are home, listens when you need to talk about anything, and always finds a way to make you smile, is a lovely way to express gratitude for all of your unconditional love. Here are some creative ways to celebrate this wonderful day.

1. Visit the Park!

For this BFF Day, a park is a typical doggie destination. It’s the ideal spot for your dog to engage in all of his favorite pastimes, including:

  • Jogging
  • Having a game of fetch
  • Taking in fresh scents
  • The sight of other dogs

You’ll be able to choose a park that’s best suited for your dog’s tastes like a good best pal, whether that means a calm stroll along a river or a day of socializing with other dogs at the local dog park.

2. Head to The Beach!

If the weather is fine, National Best Friends Day might be a perfect opportunity to take your dog for a swim. Check to see whether your neighborhood has a lake or a dog-friendly swimming hole. Continue to put your social distancing skills sharp!

If you don’t have access to a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, sprinklers, and water toys may be used to create your own swim party or simply head out to a beach! Although not every dog enjoys being in the water, for those who do, going for a swim with the best buddy is a great way to spend the day.

3. Take Your Dog on A Date!

Whether you have a significant human other or not, there are lots of dates you can go on with your dog. The great thing is that the majority of these dates are either inexpensive or even free.

/Plan a picnic, go for a stroll in a new location, go for a drive, or do anything outside. There are several safe methods for spending time with your dog while socially separating yourself on this BFF Day. Your dog will appreciate the additional bonding time, and you will benefit from the fresh air!

Want to plan a doggy date to celebrate this BFF Day? Speak with KIS Cubed Events to get the perfect date event now!

4. Experiment with New Foods!
Do you feed your dog the same food every day? Doesn’t it sound a little dull? Make some fresh dog food, and while you’re doing it, check out some new human food ideas to keep things interesting for yourself.

Preparing food for your dog this BFF Day is usually more accessible and more enjoyable than you think, and it feels nice to know you went above and beyond for your dog. Inquire with your veterinarian or a nutritionist about the types of food you may feed your dog.

5. Go For a Nap Together!

When a dog sleeps close to you, it’s typically a sign that they trust you and feel secure in your presence. They see you as their guardian and family, which might indicate that you have a deep relationship.

Take a snooze with your dog to show them that you share their feelings. It’s ok if some folks don’t want to sleep on the same bed with their dog. You can just be close to each other as you relax. It can help you strengthen your friendship while also allowing you to unwind and recoup from all of the extra playing you’ve been doing in honor of National Best Friends Day.

6. Make Eye Contact With One Another!
Do you know how your dog likes to be communicated with? What methods do you use to communicate with your dog? Communication is crucial for bonding and training. While you and your pet may understand each other, it’s also necessary to consider how you and your dog communicate with one another.

Understanding your dog’s body language and other methods of communicating with you may help you anticipate their needs and become a better pet parent. It can also alert you when your dog is sick or distressed, so you’ll be better prepared to assist them when they want assistance. Learn something new about how you and your dog can communicate with one another. You’d be shocked how much it can help your relationship on this National Best Friends Day.

Plan a memorable day with your furry best friend and make it even more special by completing the activities listed above. National Best Friends Day is the ideal opportunity to thank your dogs for always being there for you and to express your gratitude for their companionship!

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