The quickly changing landscape of the multigenerational workforce has forever altered corporate events as companies seek to retain a new generation of employees. The tech industry is leading the way in the evolution of corporate parties, which are quickly expanding event decor and activities to include gaming, originality, and sustainable modern design pieces that make a statement.

How To Make Corporate Events More Fun

Personalized experiences are the key to it all, and it can start as early as registration. In 2018, the C2 Montreal business conference offered attendees eleven different options to spend their time at the annual 3-day conference. Event planners should attempt to strike a balance between leisure, comfort, social interactions, and quiet spaces, especially for longer events. The demands of a modern world sometimes require event attendees to step away for calls or urgent action items.

Traditional Can Still be Jazzy

Round tables, charming centerpieces, and great cocktails are all more traditional components of corporate functions that never get old. But traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. Many additional touches can be incorporated into events to make a traditional setting memorable.

The key is to make every component high quality. Table settings that don’t hold back, food that stops guests in their tracks, and special touches will add unique finishes that guests will remember. Vintage or rustic spaces are also the perfect backdrop for these types of events.

Selecting novel features for traditional events will also send it over the top. Luxury dinnerware/flatware, plantlife, and perfect mood lighting will make it possible for your event to leave a lasting impression. If possible, give your guests as much space as you can to move around and choose wide comfortable dining seating.

A live orchestra or solo musical act is also a great addition to traditional events. This will create a relaxing ambiance that will organically keep your event going, and attendees will be reluctant to leave.

Your Furniture Selection is a Reflection of Your Business

Your guests’ comfort makes or breaks corporate events, and pushing the limits of design represents forward-thinking innovation. Outfitting spaces with your own personal business concept is the perfect way to engage attendees. Companies are pushing the boundaries by reserving bare open spaces and constructing their own event sites. 

Spotify built its very own house and music experience for event attendees at SXSW. The intimate experience went beyond architecture and was fully equipped with a Playstation music arcade and SoulCycle. Another option would be choosing a more out-of-the-box venue with a backdrop that tells a story.

Modern furniture doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. Make sure to analyze your guest list so that your furniture selection meets each of your guests’ needs. It’s also essential to think about what your event objectives are for each area of your space. 

A room full of high-top tables may not be conducive to those who would rather sit. The pace of your event will change depending on the length of the event, so incorporating things such as charging stations and enough space to move around, stand, or sit is crucial.

Doing Things at Parties is Now a Thing

Experiences have become a valuable commodity that more and more people are seeking to partake in, and taking events to the next level requires thinking about event activities and entertainment. Ax throwing is a rapidly growing trend that is overtaking the corporate world. Everything from virtual reality stations to magic shows, comedians, and mixologists are invading corporate parties to delight guests. Low-key events can still have activities such as wellness spaces for stretching, massage chairs, or even couches.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

For companies that really want to impress attendees, celebrity performances aren’t a bad idea. The Target Corporation consistently brings infamous music acts such as Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift to their parties. Another way to go is to bring in motivational speakers. Although they may be difficult to get, many mega speakers in the business world, such as Simon Sinek and even Magic Johnson, are available for speaking engagements at corporate events.

Doing it differently is when it comes to corporate events. Attendees are looking to interact, engage, and see their company in a different light that will help them to bond with their company’s mission. Adding sustainable touches to events is also a good look for businesses.

Thinking green can include on-premise recycling or renting an eco-friendly space that has sustainable features like the Greenhouse Loft in Chicago. At the Greenhouse Loft, caterers are encouraged to use locally sourced food, eco-friendly utensils, and they have energy-efficient windows that help to regulate temperature. Their charming minimalist furniture design offers a sleek touch to the venue that always impresses guests.

The corporate event space is only growing as retention continues to become a high priority for businesses. Event teams are always on the hunt for new ways to engage employees and designing stellar corporate events has become a pivotal tool in reaching retention goals.

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