Live events are increasingly becoming the powerful and most advantageous way to build up your companies’ image and interact with your target audience. However, this concept is far more efficient than putting up enormous banners and handing out notebooks and branded pens to all of your guests – even though these too are appreciable tactics! 

To enhance your company’s image successfully, it is the corporate planner’s priority to use your branding successfully, which builds a lasting and strong impression on all of the attendees. The corporate planner must develop a powerful strategic approach. 

To efficiently promote and build a worthy brand impression through an event, a corporate event planner needs to obtain their client’s trust. The event planner must realize the clients’ reasons to conduct an event and how they want to promote their brand. 

Because your company’s image matters. Representing your brand legitimately and sculpting how your partners, attendees, and sponsors recognize it is vital for your event and your business’s growth. Let’s take a glance at the following statistics: 

  • According to the University of Loyola Maryland, signature color can boost brand recognition by 80%. 
  • 79% of the marketers realized an increase in brand awareness with the main focus on B2B content marketing. 
  • 60% of US millennials count on consistent experiences while dealing with brands online and in-store. 

In an era where experience is the whole nine yards, the corporate event is a key to build upon the prevailing digital connections you’ve built with your consumer base. Used correctly, corporate event ideas can improve revenue, create brand loyalty, and even repair a damaged reputation. KIS Cubed Events, a corporate event planner in Atlanta, is efficient enough to build up a company’s image by recognizing its clients’ requirements and understanding how the brand needs to be promoted. 

Let’s have a look! How can corporate planners build up your company’s image?

Creativity of event planners

There are enormous types of corporate events held. 

A celebration of partnering an event with your favorite charity is your marketing team’s biggest win, a new product launch, or a corporate meeting planner can all be ‘corporate events.’ Essentially, these are corporate event experiences that are sponsored by your company. Different types of corporate events have different and unique goals for each occasion. For instance: 

  • Trade shows raise product and brand awareness. 
  • A corporate meeting planner can improve the company’s culture. 
  • Employees’ engagement ratio can be improved by conducting an appreciation event.


Event Planners give exciting entertainment options.
Perhaps you can use this corporate event as a gateway to bring more customers in the door. You can increase your exposure to potential customers by throwing an open public event to demonstrate what your business has to offer. They’re a pivotal way to share your USP with everybody and develop your brand simultaneously.

Let us move forward with a few advantages of conducting corporate events:

  1. Enhanced customer affinity:

These days, all the businesses are more occupied with their online business that they overlook the importance of connecting with their customers offline. The face-to-face interactions in corporate events help to nourish the relationships that brands have with their customers, thus opening long-term loyalty.

  1. Increase visibility: 

Conducting an event for a new product launch or service is a considerable way to publicize what’s new with your brand. If you are looking for your brand to reach the general public, then a corporate event can create a lot of buzz in digital media, conventional outlets, and social networks. Another alternative is to conduct a corporate event, focusing on a very restricted and exclusive audience. In this situation, the brand opts for more specified visibility that aims at a particular target.

Hire one of the best Corporate event planners in Atlanta!

  1. Develop prestige and credibility: 

Corporate events give you an opportunity to display presentations which would help in recognizing brand awareness, promoting new ideas, and explaining them clearly. Thus, companies gain authority in their sector and manage to differentiate themselves from rest of the brands in the market. Showing the right image in your events, you’ll immediately develop more credibility for your brand, and this will remind your customers that you have genuine value to offer them.

Event Planners give exciting entertainment options.

4. Build Trust:  

Corporate events manifest that you’re the genuine one. If you’re fortunate enough to partner up with celebrities, social influencers, and other brands in your event, you can even benefit from something called the “halo effect.” This happens when a new brand heightens off the prevailing respect another business has. 

  1. Create Opportunity:

When people assemble, magic happens! They share best practices, experiences, illusions, and ideas. Alliance develops as do very-interesting and valuable opportunities for both the brand and the attendees. One event may be the igniting spark of the coming future projects. 

Summing UP!!!

With this blog you would now have an idea of how important it is to have a corporate event to enhance your brand image. The corporate meeting helps you in connecting with more like-minded business professionals generating more revenue. Corporate events are a fantastic occasion for your brand to speak to their target audience. Whether you’re rolling out a new product or simply explaining to the public what you’ve got coming up next, you’re engaging in face-to-face communication that’s imminently more memorable than any blog post or social media status.

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