“The Health of Events will start with each client, guest and our staff working to keep us all safe.”-Nirjary M.Desai

COVID & The Health of Events is a huge concern for the special & live event industry globally. We are all thinking about it and wondering what is going to happen not only with our businesses, but the celebrations we put our heart and souls into curating. Will we ever be able to GATHER again without doubt, fear and the wonder if our friends, family, and vendors are out to harm us. All because of CoVID-19 and the uncertainty that has us all stressed! We had a candid conversation with Infectious Disease & Medical Health Experts Integrative & Functional Medicine Dr. Bindiya Gandhi of Revive AtlantMD, Pediatric Endocrinologist & Senior Medical Director at Mass General & Covance/LabCorp Dr. Manasi Sinha Jaiman , and Chief of Infectious Disease CoVID Frontline Responder at NYC Hospital System Dr. Rajeev Fernando.

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi – Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner – Based in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Manasi Sinha -Jaiman – Pediatric Endocrinologist at Mass General in Boston

  • Instructor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
  • Senior Medical Director, Covance
  • CoVID Task Force for Labcorp
  • IG: @doc.mom.boss

Dr. Rajeeve Fernando

  • First US Based Physician to investigate the outbreak in Wuhan, China and still remains asymptomatic after his return.
  • Founder of Chiraj 501 C Non-Profit helping empower impoverished women and children facing poverty & injustice (www.chiraj.com)
  • Done work for Homeland Security
  • Current role is Chief of Infectious Disease & a CoVID Frontline Responder
  • NYC based Hospital
  • IG: @rajeevfernandomd
Outline of Webinar Discussion
  1. What is really meant by the term Social Distancing?
  2. Based on your experience & data the medical community has, how long do you think we must anticipate quarantine?
  3. What recommendations do you guys have for individuals & business to stay safe post covid?
  4. Some Tips you have that are remedies if someone catches CoVID and can’t get to the doctor,what are your suggestions they do to home remedy & self care back to normal health.
  5. What do you guys foresee based on your specialty moving forward how it will effect the following
    1. Events
    2. Business
    3. Large Gatherings
    4. Children & Events
    5. Elderly guest
    6. Food Providers
  6. How long do you think this is going to last and will a second wave of the virus happen soon, is there a time frame that folks can expect normal travel, planning, etc to help alleviate more uncertainty?
  7. Events not only service a large number of attendees & guests, but also a large number of staff. Per your research what are you guys foreseeing that will help folks figure out a new way of operation as celebrations start getting planned?
  8. Do you think that after CoVID different health regulatory agencies will go in and reassess venue capacities?
  9. From a Medical & Legality perspective is it wise for vendors to put a safety clause in their contract? i.e. What if you don’t feel safe executing your contract from the fear of getting sick.
  10. Many folks in our industry work in other parts of the world, what is your suggestion for precautions or resources they should use to help them better work in different parts of the world as CoVID continues. (Medical Travel Insurance, Event Insurance)


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