The novel corona virus has created havoc around the world. Tens and thousands of people are dying every day, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries.

India is one of those nations that is facing major issues.

In spite of the vaccination drives throughout the nation in full swing, handling a population of 1.4 billion is getting tough. Social distancing and shutting off the economy might mean starving for days.

That said, it wouldn’t be wrong to point out that the covid relief facilities being provided in these nations do not match with the adversity spread through the land.

The least we can ask these days from strangers and family is to stand by each other’s side in a human way.

Surprisingly enough, the pandemic has strengthened our will to reach out to strangers with a helping hand.

We wanted to take a moment and share details of a few amazing people who have stepped up and created donation platforms to help India.

Here’s a list of some of the best Indian charities to donate to:

  1. People for Change

The initiative to support 400 families with about four months of rent, food, and medicines has been taken up by People for Change as a covid relief effort in India. Their aim to help the transgender community and sex workers based in Jamshedpur. When your lively hood depends on social interaction, social distancing means shutting the shop.

The condition is worsening. It’s essential to help those who have resorted to begging, live in toxic families and face trauma, are HIV positive and need medical attention, and much more.

Your donation could help with a ration kit of Rs. 600 consisting of rice, dal, soybean, cooking oil, sugar, tea leaves, masala, salt, washing, and bathing soap.

Donation Link:

  1. KhaanaChahiye

As the name suggests, the initiative by KhaanaChahiye Foundation is to ensure Mumbai gets food. The citizen-led campaign is aimed at supplying food to the homeless, daily wage workers, migrants, and the other vulnerable population of the city through its covid relief program.

The lockdown has had adverse effects on the poorest people of the country. They need support.

You can read more about their strategy and aims at the link given below.

Donation Link:

  1. Project Mumbai

Their plan is to work with multiple public hospitals and provide them with the necessary live-saving healthcare supplies and equipment. India’s healthcare system is overworked, understaffed, and unable to cope with the rising number of cases.

The United Nations conferred Project Mumbai, one of the platforms for covid donations India, with the SDG Solidarity Action Award 2020 for their humanitarian work, in July 2020.

You can donate and help in managing the crisis that has fallen upon the healthcare workers in Mumbai,

Donation Link:

  1. Mazdoor Kitchen

This is a citizen-run voluntary initiative that wants to be able to provide subsidence and meals to the daily wage workers of North Delhi. A lot of people who are benefited through this program do not even have a single source of income due to the lockdowns.

Apart from providing food and ration, the Mazdoor Kitchen initiative is also providing employment to people in need. As a part of their covid relief plan, they are offering jobs in the kitchen itself or sewing machines to make face masks.

Every donation counts!

Donation Link:

  1. Mission Oxygen

The second wave of COVID-19 has brought India to a halt. People are running around looking for oxygen, and most are failing to do so.

Mission Oxygen takes control of the situation on-ground to supply oxygen to the people successfully. Run under the umbrella of DEMOCRACY PEOPLE FOUNDATION; this initiative aims to set up 100 Oxygen Plants across the country.

You can read more details about their efforts and determine if you would like to help with the covid relief efforts in India from the following link.

Donation Link:

  1. HelpNow

This particular initiative is run by young students who cannot see the vulnerable in densely populated cities suffer anymore.

To combat the shortage of medical infrastructure, the group provides a safe 24×7 logistics network that transports drugs, COVID-19 positive patients or those who suspect of the same, healthcare workers, phlebotomists, and blood/organs/medical supplies in India.

Several deaths could be delayed with a well-planned transportation network that can reach people on time.

Your donation towards covid relief efforts in India will be used by the HelpNow initiative to purchase BLS oxygen ambulances, provide free ambulance services to the poor, supply 50,000+ PPE kits, and much more.

Donation Link:

We’re happy to see that the world is coming together to help fellow humans in these testing times.

Before you donate to any of the foundations we’ve included in this blog, it’s important to believe in the cause.

Please read through the details and make the right choice.

If you want more donation links for international or national platforms, NY Times has covered an extensive list that you can find here:

At KIS (Cubed) Events, are also trying to do everything we can to help with covid relief in India.

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