With the warming weather, events are moved outdoors.Discover some fresh décor, catering, and entertainment ideas to accomplish this summer!

What it feels like throwing a party in the scorching heat? Of course, the interest in outdoor events is heightened in the summer months, and Atlanta’s event planners are ready to captivate your outdoor activities like festivals, picnics, and sporting events. Events conducted outdoor appeals to our senses, boost our energy and immune system as we are close to nature, which gives an aromatic feel and enhances our mood and focus.

The sun is bright, which makes your color palettes used for the event decoration even brighter. Also, the summer event themes would promise to surprise and awe-struck attendees.

If you are planning to organize an outdoor event party, then you are in the right place. We, KIS Cubed events, are committed to creating a beautifully curated, extraordinary event. Grab a cup of coffee and join the bandwagon. From lightning to hornets, there are a lot of arrangements to be made. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you in achieving the best summer party possible.

Explore outdoor event ideas for engaging games

1. “Speed dating” icebreaker

Set groups of attendees in groups; let them be it garden or poolside or dining area. Once they are comfortable with their respective mates, then set a limit for attendees to make new friends. Get a list of some fun questions and give them, which would help them have a good conversation. You can ask:

• What is the strangest thing you have been asked to do in a meeting?
• What is that one place you would never want to go to?
• What is the weirdest thing that you faced during traveling?
• If you could pick new expertise, then what would it be?

2. Play the treasure hunt

Divide guests into small groups, and send them on a hunt for “Easter eggs.” Hide one egg or treasure bucket for each group, and let each group know their color. The first group to find their egg wins (but everyone wins!). And they can give hints to other groups who are eggs they see if they’d like.

3. Logo icebreaker

In this game, make attendees write their names, draw a logo (identifying themselves), and attach them as a name tag. As the guests mingle, they get along well, and they learn something unique about them. The best part about this icebreaker is that the number of players is unlimited, and you only need to provide the name tags and a marker or a pen for your guests.

Explore the best catering ideas for outdoor events

4. Ensure that catering is weather-ready and set it up in a covered area

Outdoor events come with uncontrollable weather conditions, and your food setup must be prepared considering weather conditions. Thus, keep your catering placed under a tent or roofed area. We, KIS Cubed Events, one of the well-known Atlanta’s event planners, consider factors and arranges a comfortable and delicious catering service.

5. Local food trucks

Food trucks are an excellent option for lunch, dinner, and dessert; you can have a great time organizing an outdoor event. This idea will save you a lot of time when it comes to set up and clean up.

6. Pre-packaged meals at multiple stations

Consider prepacked meals such as fun snack boxes, so guests can quickly pick them up and be on their way. Just ensure to indicate they can’t place items back onto the station table.

7. Picnic-style

You can arrange sitting areas for snacks like a picnic style. Arrange blankets and sit in pods under trees. This can be a great way to have food and drinks together and mingle well with everyone. A BBQ would make your event seem perfect!

Intriguing entertainment ideas for outdoor events

8. Send a pre-entertainment survey.

The first step can be to identify the best entertainment option for an outdoor event. This can be a good note to start with and a good impression on guests. Gather feedback from previous outdoor events or send out a pre-event survey to see what your attendees prefer.

9. Summer event theme

Serve up some whiskey-based cocktails, prep up some classic Texas fair, and offer fun activities like a mechanical bull or square dance lessons – just the way like Atlanta’s event planners.

10. Campouts

Perfect for nighttime events, all you need is a few campfires (fake or real!) and props like pine trees, tents, and bears (definitely false this time!). Offer drinks in tin camping mugs and arrange campground benches for some authentic seating.

11. Block Party

Who needs a venue when you can take the party to the streets? A block party can be a great idea for more significant events with several attendees, vendors, and performances. It will be required to work with the host city to secure permits & permissions, and potentially work with local police to work through security logistics.

12. Rooftop life

If you are planning an event during summers then rooftop venue would again be a very preferable option. If that is the case, then you have a great opportunity to make that rooftop feel like the top of the world!

Set up props amplifying sky like clouds that make guests feel like they are way up high, and, if possible, hang artificial stars, sun, moon, and some planets as well. Though, it’s a thoughtful way to connect your venue with the event theme.

How hotels can best accommodate outdoor events

With the rise in demand for outdoor events, there can be some ways to use the hotel area for outdoor events.

13. Utilize parking lots for activities

Use the extra parking space for activities or lounging areas for the attendees to socialize. Consider bringing out tents to help protect from the sun and rain based on the weather forecast.

14. Courtyard for activities and sitting

Give the guests a patio-seating arrangement while serving them in the courtyard area. Utilizing the courtyard will ensure tables and seats won’t have to be carried too far.

Examples of corporate outdoor events

  • Hosting an outdoor concert
  • Hosting a company field trip
  • Hosting an annual company picnic

The above events would help employees and employers mingle well with each other. Various team-building activities can be played to increase the bond among people working in an organization and help them relax.

Make your Outdoor Event Memorable with these ideas!

Make an outdoor event unique by creating a specific theme, such as adventure, safari, floral, or sports. And provide multiple activities for people to initiate conversations with one another, such as chalk drawing and “fishing” in pools.

Confused how to go ahead with it?

We are there to take the headache for you!

Atlanta’s event planners are there for you – KIS Cubed Events will work with you and your family to handle all the aspects of your grand day. We are committed to creating a beautifully curated, extraordinary event that will mesmerize you and your guests. Contact us!

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