“Does your Business need Fixin’?”-Nirjary M.Desai

What better time than NOW when you are a Creative Event Business to be a Creative in Business! We collaborated with a panel of expert guests with our highlight Michelle Loretta of @sageweddingpros who is a business consultant and financial strategist for wedding and event professionals. As founder of Sage Wedding Pros she blends her past as an accountant for Deloitte, a sales and marketing manager for DDLA, a merchandiser for Coach, and a stationery entrepreneur to strengthen wedding businesses worldwide. Sage Wedding Pros produces the next-level summit Be Sage Conference. Michelle has been asked to speak at a number of industry conferences, including NACE Experience, Biz Bash Live, and The Special Event. She was named to the TOP 1000 Event Professionals by BizBash in 2019.

Also joining here are well known creative businesses Charmi of Charmi Pena Photography, Kevin of Pacific Pictures, Amit of Aatma Performing Arts/Mystic India, and our moderators Nirjary of KIS (cubed) Events & Gene of Mandala Weddings.

Join us for an informative hour filled with how to be a Smart Creative in Business and learn about insights from these creatives on how they navigate their daily creative niche’ lives in a successful way! Face it we all need a little Fixin’!

Follow our experts so you can keep up with them and reach out to them for future collaborations, advice & creative inspiration:

Sage Wedding Pros: Michelle Loretta (michelle@sageweddingpros.com) @sageweddingpros
Cinematography: Kevin Shahinan (kevin@pacificpictures.net) @pacific.pictures
Entertainment & Choreography: Amit Shah (info@aatmaperformingarts.com) @aatmaperformingarts
Photography: Charmi Pena (info@charmipena.com) @charmipena
Planner: Nirjary Desai (nirjary@kiscubedevents.com) @kis_cubed_events



Nirjary M. Desai: KIS (cubed) Events      Gene Higa: Mandala Weddings

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