If you have an important corporate event coming up, you will want to inform every employee as effectively as possible. There is no perfect way to guarantee everyone will be informed, but you can still use multiple modes of communication to hopefully contact everyone in some way. Use a combination to effectively reach out.

Physical Invitations

Printing out physical invites may seem like a thing of the past, but they are an exceptional way to keep the party on your employees’ minds. It also highlights the importance of the corporate event. Look into affordable options for designing and printing the invitations, and add them to your corporate budget. Some printing services may give you discounts.

However, COVID-19 has made physical invitations less practical because of remote work options. In cases like this, you can send a well-designed digital invitation through other methods. It may be less effective and present than a real physical invitation, but it does the job.


Sending an automated text message is easy and can be a wonderfully efficient way to remind everyone about your event. This is especially true if you run a small business with a team that knows each other. Group messages can also help answer employee questions. It is a great modern way to keep people informed as they prepare for it.

There are some problems with texting, however. It doesn’t work if your company is too large—making group messages cumbersome and annoying rather than helpful. You must look at your company size and determine whether a text message will be the most effective way to communicate with your employees.

Email Announcements

Creating an email announcement provides a middle ground between physical and digital communication. While it is completely online, people are better able to favorite the message and signify its importance. You can also send clearer details about the event, and people can send their questions on an individual basis. This option works well if you have a larger company.

However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Some people may completely miss the email as it can get easily lost in the torrent of employee emails people receive daily. For this reason, you may want to reconsider making this your primary mode of communicating the event.

By blending your communication methods, you will be able to effectively communicate with most of your employees. Based on your company’s size, team, and the urgency of the event, adjust the way you communicate. Your event will turn out exceptional.

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