The latest floral trends for events focus on many colors, relaxed styling, and natural elements. The trend follows the desire for a relaxing and worry-free feeling. If you’re looking to create a floral arrangement for your next event, you’ll want to keep the color palette simple and natural.

Whites and greens can be an exquisite selection for your family events. Pastel colors are more likely to work with corporate themes, in-house parties, or minimalistic weddings. They can also be an excellent choice for weddings where whites are inappropriate. While pastels are more appealing, vivid and colorful flowers will give your event an exciting and unforgettable look.

The following floral trends for events like weddings, family celebrations, and corporate events can inspire making your creations stand out. Read along to know more.

Floral Trend for Indoor Events

Choosing the right flowers is essential for achieving a beautiful indoor event. Fresh flowers can transform any dull interior into a refreshing and exciting venue. You can create an elegant atmosphere in any indoor venue with the current floral trends. The flowery styling trends for indoor events is back with its maximalist take on the traditional flower. The resurgence of flowers across various design disciplines is proof that florals are regaining their popularity in today’s modern world.

If you plan an indoor event, you can use large plants and topiaries as dividers. The creative industries have fallen in love with the humble bloom from interior design to print design. Whether you are planning an event, a wedding, or any other indoor event, florals are the perfect choice to enhance any occasion.

Depending on the size of the event, our wedding decorators in Atlanta will help you include a few accents of colorful, modern flowers to create a memorable space.

Floral Trend for Outdoor Events

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or an elegant outdoor reception, floral arrangements in pots will be a popular choice for wedding decor. Following the latest floral trends for events, you can try adding flowers to the walls and tables in an elegant way to show your style. You can even use potted flowers to enhance your outdoor event. These arrangements can dress up outdoor venues in more traditional settings. You can choose from different types of flower decor for events to match your idea and budget.

The use of natural, colorful flowers is a popular trend for weddings and other outdoor events, which can be used for indoor and outdoor receptions. The outdoor decor in the lobby is an ideal place for floral arrangements as plants can serve as aisle runners or aisle covers. Also, potted arrangements can be used as centerpieces. While oversized flower arches can also make a dramatic entrance, using a wide variety of flowers in a small space is an excellent option for budget-conscious events.

Floral Trend for Wedding

Weddings are just incomplete without flowers. The floral arrangement in weddings has to be beautiful and relaxing enough to offer a pleasant time to the couple. The simple yet attractive flowery styling trends are a popular choice for weddings. While couples who want to make their wedding more traditional will go for timeless floral designs, those who are looking for a unique look may prefer to go for trendier flowery styling trends.

Flower decor for events like weddings and engagement ceremonies evolves with time, with more couples opting for organic flowers and orchids. While the ethereal look is a common choice for wedding flowers, it doesn’t mean that pale colors aren’t an option. A variety of neutral hues has become very popular, and hand-painted blooms and dried flower elements make a comeback. Often, couples choose two or three types of flowers and avoid the trendy ones.

When in doubt, seek professional guidance from our Atlanta event planners, who can help you out with the latest floral trends for events.

Floral Trend for Corporate Events

The floral trend for corporate events is constantly evolving and changing. Today’s customers are very particular about the designs used for their events. What is popular now may not be so trendy next year. The goal of an event planner is to present the best possible image of their client’s brand, values, and goals. The designs of a floral arrangement must be balanced to make it appealing. Contrary to popular belief, flowers are not the center of attention. They serve to enhance the space.

Your logo, brand, and colors are all important factors when choosing the right flowers to match your corporate brand. Besides floral trends for events, floral designs for corporate events should be based on the company’s theme or its values. Whether it’s a meeting, a conference, or a product launch, create a cohesive look for your event by practicing the latest floral trends for events.

Add Natural Elements

Adding natural elements is an increasingly popular Flowery Styling trend to follow. You can incorporate plants and topiaries as decorations and use them as dividers between areas. Using natural elements can also eliminate large centrepieces. Smaller accents are now replacing large floral arrangements. This trend is also perfect for parties in the city with lesser space. A more natural approach is to incorporate floral elements with a natural look.

Finding the Right Floral Decor for Events

These new flowery styling trends, from big art pieces that create social barriers to bold flowers that act as the heart of the décor, are sure to turn heads. Bright colors and unique combinations of hues and textures are the most popular trends for events this year, so make sure you keep an eye out for them.

Flower decor for events can also be influenced by the season. While flowers will continue to rule the decorative themes for events, greenery is also becoming a popular choice for indoor and outdoor events.