Professional hairstyles and makeup have long been a cornerstone of live events. Whether you’re celebrating your nuptials, presenting on stage, or hosting an event, you probably long to hear those three important words: OH MY GOD . . . you look gorgeous! But the coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally altered the nature of the hair and makeup business, driving artists to change their practices and making clients seriously consider safety issues as they entrust their health to a careful few. So how do both artist and client stay safe? Here are some things to consider from both sides of the brush as you book your next appointment.


Keeping Your Practices Safe

There are few practices outside of medicine where professionals come in such close contact with their clients as hair and makeup artists do. There is no way to maintain the advised six-foot social distance when you’re cutting someone’s hair or applying eyeliner, but there are ways that keep both you the artist and your customer safer.


Hair Stylists

  • Wear a mask and gloves. The proper personal protection gear not only provides a barrier to prevent contamination, it also demonstrates to your client your commitment to their safety.
  • Wash or sterilize your hands before and after each client you work with and also if you answer the phone or touch anything that has not been sterilized.
  • Keep equipment sterilized or better yet use disposable equipment (such as paper capes) when possible.
  • Take temperature checks and ask the client whether they’ve exhibited any of the symptoms of covid, such as dry cough, fatigue, or trouble breathing.
  • Minimize your work area. You should only have what you need at hand.  Items that can be picked up by clients, such as magazines, increase the likelihood of germ transmission.
  • If you have multiple clients, ask them to wait outside your space until you’re finished with the current customer.
  • Consider foregoing hair washes and blow drying. If you must use a hairdryer, look for an outdoor space where air will disperse faster.

Makeup Artists

  • Clarify with clients the exact look and its elements they desire so that you only bring what’s necessary to the job. This avoids unnecessarily contaminating products you don’t need.
  • If possible, decant usable amounts of products such as powders into disposable containers to be thrown away after use. Another possibility is to use tubes of product that can be dispensed onto disposable palettes.
  • Use disposable applicators such as lip liners, brushes, and files when possible.
  • Sterilize any non-disposable equipment and any surfaces with which you or the client might come into contact.
  • Wear your personal protective gear!

Being a Cautious Consumer

If it’s your big day, there are precautions you can take to be sure you’re making a wise choice of professionals and also to minimize your risk while you get pampered.

  • Wear your own personal protective gear and only remove it when and for as long as is necessary.
  • Wear coveralls over your outfit or bring a change of clothes so that once your session is done, you can remove the contaminated outfit for cleaning.
  • When booking your appointment, ask what safety measures are being taken to protect clients from covid. And better yet, show up a little early and watch from a safe distance whether these measures are actually put into practice.
  • Beware of venues where social distancing is not being maintained, where surfaces are not cleaned between clients, or where personal protective gear is not worn.
  • Bring a q-tip with you to push touchpads for payment.
  • Wait outside the venue until the artist has finished with their previous client.
  • Consider skipping a hair wash or blow dry. If you must have your hair washed, you might bring goggles to avoid water being splashed in your eyes.
  • Ask the artist to use disposable applicators and equipment.

Look Great, Be Safe

A little safety can go a long way toward keeping both professional and client healthy.  When both parties practice careful sanitary habits, the likelihood of virus transmission is greatly reduced.  So look your best while feeling great by making your next style appointment a safe one to remember.

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