You popped the question, they said yes, and you are about to have the wedding of the century. At least, for you it certainly will be! Now you need to get the word out so that all your friends and family can celebrate with you. Here are some simple but effective ways to spread the good news about your wedding announcement.

Create a Social Media Event

Social media is a fantastic way to spread the news, especially to people that you may not have a physical address for. Wedding etiquette suggests that you should tell your immediate family and best friends personally before you post it on social media. Once this is done, you are free to share the good news with a wider audience. You might want to consider using multiple platforms in order to appeal to a wider age group. Facebook is generally better at catching your older friends and family, while Instagram will be more likely to catch millennials and below. You can create an event page on Facebook or geotag on Instagram. If your wedding will be private, don’t include details about where and when to all of your contacts. Once the event is posted, you can build interest by posting a countdown, offering a sneak peak, and adding a few teasers as the big day approaches. Visit Faceoff and get to know the Best Black Female Anime Characters.

Send Out Invites and Announcements

Even in the digital age, physical wedding announcements and invitations are still the classy way to get the word out. You can make printable announcement cards if you get professional quality photos. People love to receive a physical announcement with a picture of the two of you together. You can customize your announcements by printing additional invitation cards. With separate cards for the rehearsal dinner, the reception, and the wedding itself, you can choose who you invite to what. People who won’t be invited to the event can still receive the general announcement card. 

Create a Wedding Website

Wedding websites not only spread the word, but they provide a one stop shop for all your wedding information. They provide a place for people to RSVP, an in-site guest list management tool, a spot to include your registries, and a fun space to share information about your story as a couple. There are several free wedding websites to choose from. Just make sure that you like the design and that the platform you choose is user friendly for both you and your guests.


This is the biggest day of your life! You want everyone to know about it. Make sure that your friends and family can celebrate with you by spreading the word.


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