It doesn’t matter where you stand politically; try not to view the inauguration day as if it were the impending Apocalypse or just another party night. Either way, however, Inauguration Day is an important and historic day, and it deserves to be honored appropriately.

Moreover, the thrill of creating something from the bottom, and finally sharing it with the world, opening a business, involves a lot of anxiety.

An election party celebration isn’t just about a happy gathering to celebrate the victory of parties; it paves the way for word to spread about your new committee. It is a straightforward yet full-proof way to create buzz and market your business.

An election party should be a big part of your marketing strategy. So, how to get more results out of your event inauguration?

Interesting Ideas for Inauguration Party for Celebrating the Elections


Play Lots of Games!

President-elect Trump (love him or hate him) gives plenty of material for some hilarious and entertaining group games.

Conduct research and get lots of funny Donald Trump trivia questions and make a competition out of who can guess the most facts about him correctly.

Games like General Presidential games, including trivia questions from the nation’s history of presidents and inaugurations.

See which of your party guests knows the most about the office of the President. You can find your own presidential trivia games or cards in stores or even go online to find some unique questions and answers to create your own.

Traditional Inauguration Party

If you are looking to go the traditional route, the patriotic color scheme of red, white, and blue is always a good choice. Be sure to include colored party streamers on the ceiling to make it pop, as well as balloons or evening hanging gold stars. If you want to get technical, you can include a star for every state and territory in the United States. No inauguration party is complete without the inclusion of the United States Flag.

Deck Up!

Firstly, you will have to decide what type of party you are throwing. Will it be your own kind of fancy? Or will it be a fun, more laidback kind of party? If you decide to go black tie, then go all out! If you choose to take a more straightforward approach to your party, go all out as well! You may not get to wear a ballgown, but there is no reason you cannot pull out your best patriotic attire.

Set the Tone with Music! 

If you’re going to throw an Inauguration party, you cannot overlook the music’s significant detail. We recommend creating a playlist of favorite patriotic tunes or making a playlist made up of Donald Trump’s favorite artists.

Follow it up with some favorite patriotic song!

Has the party ended too soon? Or perhaps you want it to begin earlier? We recommend watching some classic patriotic or presidential movies to get you in the right mood.

Get Patriotic when selecting the snacks!

If you want to go the creative, black, and white route, then you might want to hold on to wine and cheese. However, if you want a more straightforward party, go for some new and fun white, red and blue snacks. And, for some fun twist, you can adopt Trump’s favorite recipes, which includes fried mac and cheese bites

Advertise on Custom Paper Cups

Arrange for local coffee shops, cafes, and other eateries to serve their drinks in custom-printed paper cups as a way to advertise your elections. They’ll be happy to decrease their costs for a time, and you’ll get great publicity for your business.

Build buzz with social media

Social media is one of the good ways to reach a large audience for your election party. Spread the word via mainstays like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest, and don’t neglect local social media apps.

Book a band

Employ a band to play classic hits for your patrons on the day of your grand opening. This way, you cannot only advertise the band beforehand to make people excited, but the sound and activity on a grand day will also draw people to your event.

Décor in Election Style

The election may be over, and the candidate has been chosen, but you can honor this newly elected President with a presidential election décor theme. Posters from the election campaign, campaign slogans, or political-party-specific decorations can give your decorations a creative element. Adding to the election theme, including the United States map with the results of the Electoral College can really give it that added touch.

Time Capsules

Have your party guests jot down what they predict for the next five years. They can be the candidates they believe will be in the next election, the changes they see happening with the newly elected President in office, or even where they think the country will be in the next five years. The options are endless. Collect everyone’s predictions and place them in a sealed box or tin. Put them up somewhere you will remember and read them at your next inauguration party. It will be rather interesting to see if anyone had accurate predictions.


A significant amount of planning and organizing is involved in commencing a successful inauguration party for celebrating elections. So, how are you going to keep everything running smoothly? This way, you can schedule all your people with various celebrities, bands, and events you’ve arranged. Later on, you can distribute the schedule online for people to see.

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