Valentine’s day is not the only day when you can celebrate love, there are so many other days, and today we will be talking about one such day, i.e., Galentine’s day.

It is celebrated on 13th February every year. Girl gang meets up, hang out, talk, create memories and share secrets all night.

Galentine’s day is around the corner, and we know you are surely looking for some ‘out-of-the-box’ event ideas.

Galentine’s day this year needs to be really special because, in the year 2020, nobody got a chance to meet their friends and celebrate their love.

This Galentine, make the day memorable for and with your girl gang.


The concept of galentine’s day was first shown in a very famous fictional sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation’ in the 16th episode of season 2-year 2010.

Friendship and love come in many sizes and shapes. So, do all our Galentine’s day ideas.

You need not look further for amazing event ideas for your Galentine’s day for 2021! There is something for everyone on this day.

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Without further-a-do, let’s discuss the event ideas, Shall we?

  • Taste- A Delicate Good Sense:

Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus, but we are not so different. A way to man’s heart is through his stomach. The same goes for a woman as well. You can have a tasting event for your Galentine’s Eve.

Here are some fun ideas for Galentine’s Day tasting events:

  • Wine Tasting: Galentine’s day without wine? A big NO! You can now make it more fun and entertaining. You can have red and rose wines if color themes are your choice, or you can even mix white wines. Combine wine tasting with some snack or seafood. A classic choice for Galentine’s day this year.
  • Chocolate Tasting: Who does not love chocolate? Blindfold your guests and let them bring out their inner chocolatier. Nothing can beat a good old Galentine’s Day classic like this one.
  • Seafood Tasting: In case you feel that your audience does not have a sweet tooth, then try something that is fishy, literally fishy!
  • Host A Class:

What else can deeper and strengthen the bond of two friends more than learning new things together? It actually does not matter which skill they are learning. The only thing that matters is that they are learning the new skill as a group.

Here are some amazing ideas for classes you can host for Galentine’s day this year:

  • Craft-an-Art Together: How fun it used to be when you were a kid and made birthday greetings and presents for your friends and parents? Remember?

It still works. Hand-made presents are very special because there is a lot of time and effort involved in making it.

You can host a workshop that teaches you how to make perfumes, flower bouquets, or chocolates. It does not essentially have to be a ‘fancy-fancy’ thing. You can simply host a class that teaches how to make a Galentine’s Card. It will do the trick.

  • Dance Class: What else can be more fun than hosting a girl’s dance classes? The upbeat music, laughter, and some unforgettable memories. Dance classes not only creates a beautiful atmosphere but also is an amusing way to get your body beach-ready.

Say Helloooooo to your Bikini!!

  • Cooking Class: It is, of course, romantic to take your gang out for an exclusive dinner. But imagine how nice would it be to impress your friend with your Michelin-star cooking skills. In the times of Uber Eats, or Deliveroo person, one may not know how to cook. That is where your role begins, and you come into the picture.

Host a class where girl gangs can learn how to make sushi, cake, bake doughnuts, or even mix cocktails.

  • Filmy Night:

Hosting a filmy night is a sure-shot way of pulling a crowd of fun and loving friends. This can turn out to be super hit if the climate is warmer and the screening is at an open place.

You only need to take care of a big screen and plenty of comfy seating. Select a sitcom movie and spice things up with rustic decoration, puffy pillows, cute wooden tables, wine, popcorns, and canapes.

You can select all-time favorite films like ‘Singing in the Rain,’ ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s,’ or ‘With the Wind,’ as well as any modern movie such as ‘Titanic’ or ‘Dirty Dancing.’

  • Laugh Together:

Who does not love a good laugh? Hosting a comedy night is a superb way of capturing a group of friends on Galentine’s evening.

Friendship makes all of us do some really funny things that end up in some silly, embarrassing moments. Why try to forget those episodes when savvy comedians can capitalize on these situations.

  • A Fun – Healthy Run:

Yes! You read it right. Running is not always exhausting. It can be fun too. It only depends on your concept and belief of what fun is.

Also, not everyone is in the mood for sitting in one place and gossiping. Some just wish to have fun and stay fit in the process. You can seize this opportunity. Keep your event focus on cardio to boost the real, actual heart.

Make your event more amusing by adding a selfie photo booth with some cool props. You can even challenge your participants to find and kill something, maybe a cupid, and reward winners with a medal and a bottle of wine.

  • Masquerade ball:

Galentine’s balls are popular in itself. But if you need to spice things up, go for a masquerade ball. It is always fun to dress up. Nevertheless, there is something, particularly sensual masquerade ball. The mystique of masks and theme dressing-up is the best thing about a masquerade ball.

You can add more fun by giving away prizes for the best mask, best dress, best girl gang, etc. Hosting a masquerade ball is difficult as compared to the other events, but if done right, you have an opportunity of creating some amazing Instagrammable moments.

  • Musical Night:

You can never go wrong with hosting a live musical night.

This is one of the top Galentine’s day ideas for your event. The most popular topic for writing is a song is a friendship and love! No matter what the emotion is, happiness, confusion, desire, jealously, resentment – it is the center attraction of all.

You can either arrange for a DJ to play or even choose to have a live show. Barry white covers and smooth jazz has a long way to go.

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Bonus Galentine’s Day Ideas for your Event!

We are sure that the above ideas will be more than enough to host your event for Galentine’s day this year. But if you want some more tips to make your event outstanding, don’t worry! We have everything ready for you.

Below are some ways to add exciting elements to your event.

  • Selfie Time: Set up a photo-booth to make your event literally memorable. Let the girl’s gang click amazing pictures and watch them in the future.
  • Chocolate Fountain: The world is better with chocolate. Give your guests an opportunity to dip into some chocolaty goodness.
  • Be Social: No matter what your event is. Just don’t – DON’T forget social media. Create your own hashtag to promote your event.
  • Give from the Heart: The best way to host a Galentine’s eve is by combing your event with a charitable cause.


Truth about Self-Love!

Of all the above tips and ideas, the most important tip is Self-love. The definition of Self-love has no many notions and is misunderstood by most of us. In the course of making others happy, we forget how important self-love is! So, this Galentine, whether you have a gal-party or not, don’t forget to love yourself and have a party with your own-self.

Before you do that, read below to know some truths about self-love.

You are not your Past:

Have you heard a famous saying of Philosopher Heraclitus? It goes like, “You never bathe in the same river, twice because it’s never the same river and it’s never the same you.”

In simple words, you become a totally different person every 10 minutes, let alone 10 years ago. You become wiser with each experience. Thus, you are never the same.

You deserve your own Compassion:

You feel very compassionate and kind when you see other people hurt, sad or broken. In the same way, you deserve your own compassion and self-care.

When you feel sad, hurt, or broken, instead of being judgemental and frustrated, respond with comfort and love. Be there for yourself, because if you will not, no one else will. Take care of yourself like you would take care of a child. Your inner child needs you every moment.

You are not what others think of you:

You do not need the approval of anyone. You cannot be what others think of you – because everyone has a different perception of you. Everyone is seeing the world through their own past experiences and beliefs. Thus, their belief in you might not be even close to reality.

Begin to approve of yourself, instead of getting approval and acceptance from the entire world to feel like enough. Accept yourself, so you do not need acceptance from the world as you already know that you are enough.

You are inherently enough:

There is a common notion in our society that we have to prove our worth by ticking off a few numbers of external accomplishments – such as having a car and large house, acceptable body shape, successful career.

But the fact is your worth is innate – you are born enough.

Self-care is not selfish; It is essential:

Everyone is so busy with their lives, and in their work, one does not have time for self-love and pleasure. Make some time for yourself every day. Do things that you love and enjoy.

Check-in with yourself to know how YOU are doing. What are your goals? What are your wounds? Try to know yourself to find your path and purpose.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get crazy and creative! Start planning and organizing your event today. We have already given you the ideas. Now you just have to execute them.

Instead of focusing on who is buying who what, this Galentine, let’s focus on making the experience beautiful.

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