Guest experience is one of the best things you need to offer at your wedding. You need to make your attendees feel comfortable on your special day. That’s obvious!
In our 15 years of experience in the event planning industry, we have noticed an increase in the number of couples who are adjusting their schedules to offer their guests the best experiences possible.
You don’t need to splurge lakhs on open bars or lavish drinks. Sometimes even the minute of alterations can make the most remarkable differences.
You need to focus on making your wedding stand out as the best.
Is this possible?
With KIS (cubed) Events, everything is possible!
We have brought you a curated list of small yet fabulous ideas to improve guests’ comfort at your wedding.

1. Comfy seating arrangement

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With dancing and greeting people, your guests need a comfortable seat to perch on for some time. You need to ensure that you’ve enough seats for senior citizens, adults and children.

You can also give your guests an alternative seating option like lounge furniture. Atlanta event planners advises you to keep vignettes close to the dance floor to prevent long movements, especially those high heels!

Even your older guests can keep up with the action and surely appreciate you for being thoughtful.

2. Greet your guest with thoughtful goodies

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True hospitality lies in offering useful amenities like personalized masks, hand sanitizers, mint chocolates, or an immunity-boosting beverage. You can think about any creative idea to woo your guests.

Try giving a personalized touch that makes your wedding memorable. Also, include a few staples to ensure your guests’ feel comfort throughout the wedding weekend.

3. Give special attention to your guests’ needs

How about trying something unique?
If you’re having a beach wedding, then offer some comfy flip-flops and ask them to remove their high heels or sandals outside on the beach. It’s always nice to pamper your guests with something unusual yet thoughtful.
Don’t hesitate to give your guests’ gel insoles and even heel stoppers to prevent heels from sinking into grassed areas.
If you are having a winter outdoor wedding, don’t hesitate to offer a shawl (a customized one or a contrasting color shawl) to match the wedding theme.
It’s great to think about your guests’ comfort and go the extra mile to make your wedding memorable and enjoyable.

4. Timing is essential

It’s advisable to work with your wedding planners in Atlanta, GA, and make sure you use your time as accurately as possible. Never have large gaps of time between your ceremony and reception – honestly, this can annoy your guests A LOT!!

Weddings with long gaps should arrange for food and beverages to keep them full and hydrated.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can include some lawn games to occupy your guests’ attention during the cocktail hour.

Make sure you offer them clear directions (or give them a venue map) so that you don’t confuse your guests.


5. Outdoor weddings need to be well planned

A professional wedding planner will make sure everything falls in the right place.
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You need to keep your guests comfortable in both hot and cold conditions. Basic things like water stations, a hand fan, or parasols shouldn’t be ignored.

On colder days, use throw blankets and hand warmers to keep your guests warm. Standing fans or heaters can help your guest to make through your hot or cold wedding.

6. There’s nothing better than comfort food

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Your guests are probably going to be hungry while dancing all night. Pass favorite cheat food items like sliders, truffle fries, toasted marshmallows, macarons, cookies, and likewise. Regular snacks and drinks before the main meal can keep hunger pangs away.

If your celebrations are ongoing until the early hours, add a sweet or snack cart and non-alcoholic beverages to ensure your guests are well fed. Place water coolers and offer tea and coffee facilities at every counter to tuck into whenever there’s a tea craving.

Destination weddings can also have various local delicacies depending on the country you’re getting hitched.
Have a glimpse into our gallery for more such ideas!

7. Stock all the washrooms with essentials

Washrooms should never be devoid of toiletry essentials like make-up wipes, tissues, aerosol deodorants, perfume, hairspray, dry shampoo, etc. Simultaneously, men’s washrooms should have hair gel and styling wax to put in fair use.

How about asking your friends and families to donate their unwanted or extra toiletries?

Don’t forget to stock on handwashing liquid and hand sanitizers inside and outside the bathroom.

8. Ask for song requests

Yes, you heard it right!

You can create your own playlist by compiling all the song requests. Just ask your guests to jot down their favorite song on the RSVP card or have them email to your wedding planner directly.

Don’t worry! Your Indian wedding planner will help in easing your work. Make sure you choose the right one!

By doing so, you can ask your DJ to play a variety of jams for your guests to enjoy and remember forever.

9. Set up a mini photo booth

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Nothing is more satisfying than getting tonnes of Instagram-worthy photos, right?

Your guests are looking forward to a little photo booth fun. Surprise them with a funky photo booth to give your guests the comfort of fun wedding pictures.

You can even set up GIF photo booths but don’t forget to share your wedding hashtag and encourage your guests to ‘#spreadthelove’ by tagging you on your social media account.

Make sure your photo booths match with your wedding theme. KIS (cubed) Events – an Indian wedding decor in Atlanta will give you the best ideas to create one.

10. Invest in transportation

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Your guests are the happiest when they can attend a wedding that gives transportation service. Now, they can enjoy the wedding without worrying about getting back and forth.

You don’t need to worry about all this. KIS (cubed) Events will handle all the logistics and itinerary. Choose us to make your wedding unique and memorable.

11. Hangover kits – The best way to be remembered

Hangover kits can be given to guests as a token of appreciation. Your guests will anyway turn into ugly heads the next morning; your kit can be a savior to halt their headache and revive tired eyes.

Your hangover kit should include rehydration tablets, mild pain relief, chewing gum, sheet mask, eye mask, and essential oil. Place it in their rooms where your guests are staying or give them at the end of the wedding.

We’re pretty sure your guests won’t thank you enough.

After conducting 1500 events for 15 years, we have found that adding thoughtful things to your weddings are the best way to impress your guests.

You need to be considerate of your guests and prioritize their comfort and experience.

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