Happy Mother’s Day, lovelies! Mother’s Day is just hitting around the corner, and we need to prepare ourselves for all the beautiful gifts to surprise our mothers out there!

In this blog post, we’re going to share some of the ideal Mother’s Day gifts for mothers who live far apart from you today.

You must be wondering why is Mother’s Day celebrated around the world? It is celebrated to make our mothers feel special and honor their contribution to motherhood – their role as mothers in our lives!

You know, when we get older, life takes us to different places, and some of them need us to travel alone, leaving behind family and friends. It may be for work, relocating to another state, or traveling abroad.

If you cannot be physically present with your mother on Mother’s Day, you should indeed consider these super cute Mother’s Day gift options!

Nothing beats a present that expresses our affection for our mothers. Stay tuned for these exciting Mother’s Day gift ideas for faraway moms this 2021! Here you go!

1. Espresso + Chocolate Gift Box!

This is ideal for a mother who loves espresso and chocolate. That blend is astonishing!

So, if your mother loves these two things, you should think about spoiling her on this Mother’s Day celebration with her top favorite flavors!

2. A Unique Gift Book – Express Love for your Mom!

We need to communicate our sentiments, yet it tends to be challenging to express. 

As part of Mother’s Day virtual celebration ideas, this book is ideal for you and your mom if you both are not together during this pandemic. 

What’s unique about this book is that it assists you with expounding on those extraordinary minutes you went through with her, why you are appreciative of her, and practically disclose to her why she’s the best mother on the planet. 

You just need to fill the book out and send it in time!

3. Cherishing Bracelet for your Mother!

This armband is an ideal blessing if you need your mother to have a day-by-day token of the amount you love her. 

Once in a while, life disrupts everything, making it difficult to talk as much as needed. 

So, this is an awesome Mother’s Day gift if you have an insanely busy schedule, and even though you don’t talk as frequently, she realizes you are pondering her.

4. Shower Bomb Gift Set!

This is an extraordinary present for your mother if she adores pampering and self-care. 

Shower bombs are fun, and it’s a unique method to advise her to set aside some time for herself and relax. 

We’re sure every mom would love this one!

5. Letters to My Mom!

This is another Mother’s Day gift to tell your mother that how much you love her. 

Every mother would prefer these kinds of gifts since she can read them a number of times whenever she wants! 

Likewise, you can add a pack of her favorite sweets and perhaps a box of tissue if you feel that the letters will make her cry.

6. Jar of Memories!

A memory jar is a fantastic concept. In this situation, the most you can do is write down all of your memories of time spent with your mother and sisters—funny stories, words or songs that remind you of your mother, and so on. 

You have complete freedom to write whatever you want! Mother’s Day celebration can’t be complete without cherishing some memories! 

Our goal at KIS Cubed Events is to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

7. A Lamp to Emit Long Distance!

This is why we should appreciate technology.  What a cool long-distance lamp! 

When you turn one on with a wave of your hand, the companion emits the same atmospheric glow, regardless of where it is or who is on the other end.

8. Mom’s Spa Gift!

It’s all about making your mother feel particularly good on Mother’s Day.So, the spa day kit is excellent for that! 

Rose & Pink clay bath salt (scented with Rose Geranium Essential Oil), pink clay rose goat milk soap, lavender soy candle, organic lemon coconut lip balm, and Beets & Apples homemade dark chocolate are some of the essentials to be considered in a spa-day gift for your mom!

9. Flower Subscriptions!

Now is the time to order flower subscriptions. I am yet to meet a lady who does not like flowers. 

Every mother enjoys having fresh flowers in her house, and so this subscription will be ideal for any mother. 

Flowers are an excellent way to make her happy and spoil her during the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

10. Box of Love!

Last but not least is the box of love for Mother’s Day this 2021! This package can be pretty excellent and personalized for your mother! 

This care package can be customized with a tote bag, a homemade bath bomb, a “Home Is Where Mom Is” Bookmark (ideal if your mother enjoys reading!), and tasty sprinkled chocolate-covered pretzels. Because who doesn’t like chocolate, after all? 

Mother’s Day is to be cherished, celebrated, and enjoyed! So, why wait to celebrate it by being together? 

You can always come up with new Mother’s Day virtual celebration ideas to make her feel loved in this pandemic! Tune in to KIS Cubed Events for more such virtual celebration ideas this 2021! 

Mother’s Day is just hitting around, and this is the perfect time to make your mom feel loved and pampered! 

You can always contact us for planning out this Mother’s Day! Have a lovely Mother’s Day out there!

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