Whether you are planning an in-person or virtual event, it can be stressful. Constant interruptions, tight deadlines and unrealistic client expectations can all add to the overwhelming task and that’s before you throw Covid-19 into the mix. So, just how can we help to ensure that our stress levels remain low as we plan a successful event?

  1. 1. Organization is key

    • Sounds obvious, but it can be all too easy to let your organization slip when you are juggling so many tasks at once. So, commit from the get-go to prioritizing an efficient work flow by decluttering, structuring your day and sticking to your schedules as best as you can.
    • Also, ideally allow a buffer of time each day in your schedule to deal with any unexpected complications. It’s the last-minute tasks that can throw an otherwise smoothly-run project management into chaos. Visit PagineLuciROSSE and get a female escort now.
  2. 2. Cover all bases

    • When it comes to contractual agreements, be sure to go that extra mile to ensure that they are as detailed as possible. The more thorough they are, the less chance there will be for misunderstandings or complications as the event draws closer. Fine print isn’t fun to read, but it can save you a lot of trouble down the line if you do. To protect yourself from claims of breach of contract, you can also consider Special Events Insurance.
  3. 3. Use checklists

    • Checklists are surprisingly effective for lowering stress. Not only do they help to keep outstanding tasks organized, they leave your brain clearer. Create a to-do list for the event and a list of what you will need – not forgetting the smaller items such as waste receptacles and environmentally-friendly waste disposal after the event has finished. This can elevate your mood and thus elicit more productivity as well as feelings of motivation to complete more tasks.
  4. 4. Utilize modern technology

    • These days, planning an event can incorporate a host of technological solutions that can make it much easier. Utilizing technology such as event management software can assist you with each and every stage of the process. But, even if you don’t decide to use a full-blown end-to-end event management system, consider what you can automate to take some of the pressure away from regular and/or repetitive tasks. For example, set up some pre-scheduled social media promotional posts, or integrate the technology you use for ticketing with a software like Salesforce to track your ROI and manage your event’s sales cycle.
  5. 5. Health and wellbeing comes first

    • It’s common for people to put off the healthy decisions until after the chaos has calmed down, but the reality is that maintaining the healthy choices helps us to better manage stress or heavy work-loads as they unfold. So, don’t wait. Incorporate a balanced diet, some exercise and a good sleep routine into your daily life without compromise. Play some music, practice deep breathing or carve out half an hour for some yoga – whatever works for you, just make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

Final thoughts

Event planning can be stressful, so it’s best to head into it expecting it to be and put as many measures in place to best deal with it. Plan, organize, be thorough, automate what you can and do not compromise when it comes to self care.

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