Peak wedding season is almost upon us and it’s sure to bring some new and entertaining surprises to the table. One of the trends that are emerging in 2022 is full-blown wedding weekends. These multi-day affairs ensure that your celebration lasts for more than one day, but – I bet you’re wondering – does it live up to the hype? Before you incorporate this idea into your own wedding, let’s take a look at all of the pros and cons:

Pros of Hosting a Wedding Weekend:

Slows down the celebration:

Wedding planning typically takes about a year and, when it comes time for your big day, it’s often over in the blink of an eye. One of the plus sides to extending your event is that you’ll be able to take it all in at a much slower pace. If your guests are able to join you for the entire weekend, you’ll be able to catch up with family and friends more in-depth and savor each moment to the fullest. Your guests will also be able to mingle and get to know each other better over the course of a weekend, rather than one day! 

The wedding day will still be the most important event of the weekend, but having social gatherings before and after the ceremony will allow you to focus on your significant other rather than everyone else. According to The Knot, a typical weekend wedding consists of a welcome party and rehearsal dinner 1-2 days before the ceremony, then the ceremony and reception, followed by a farewell brunch the day after the wedding. Making sure to communicate the chosen schedule of events, and also that they are optional, will ensure ease during the weekend.

Creates a nice getaway for guests:

Crafting a wedding weekend itinerary, around your special destination or venue, will allow your guests to explore the area and extend their visit. If you’re looking to host your event over a holiday weekend, you may want to plan much farther in advance, as these can be harder dates to secure. In addition to the most popular dates of Labor Day and Columbus Day, having a Memorial Day weekend wedding can be a great option as well. Getting a jump on weekend wedding venues, hotels, and vendors is important, especially when there is much more to book on the itinerary. 

Allows for a shared experience:

Another upside to a wedding that spans various days is that your guests can fully explore the destination. If the spot you’ve chosen for your big day means a lot to you and your significant other, it can be heartwarming to share these details with your guests. Send people on a scavenger hunt that chronicles all the spots where you fell in love or to your favorite Sunday brunch place. You can also aim to incorporate more elements of the town itself and its culture; you could host a welcome meal at a local restaurant or book a food truck in a park that is special to you. 

Cons of Hosting a Wedding Weekend:

Higher Cost:

Naturally, more days of activities come with more price tags. If you want to spread out the celebration and create a multi-day affair, you’ll have to expand your budget. There may be ways to alleviate some costs for you and your future spouse, especially if some of your activities are more casual. Sometimes, family members will want to help with the cost, and putting them in charge of one of these events may ease some of the financial strain. 

If you don’t want to drop so much money on your wedding, it may be beneficial to stick to a one-day celebration. For example, if you’re hoping to buy a home together after the wedding, the money saved can help you figure out how much house you can afford. By downsizing on the wedding, you’ll be better prepared for life afterward, and able to put aside money for potential children, vacations, or emergency funds. This is an area where you and your future spouse will have to decide what’s most important for you as a couple.

Less Flexibility:

The guests that are traveling from farther away or have families and busy schedules to navigate, might not be able to swing a full weekend affair. This being said, you may have less attendance and a smaller group of people during the rest of your weekend wedding. These events are most popularly held for destination weddings and, if this is the case, it may be a more intimate crowd. Though this could be perceived simply as a downside, a smaller wedding guest list may make for a less stressful wedding

More Planning:

If you think that planning a wedding is an overwhelming feat, organizing three or more days’ worth of activities is much more hectic. Every detail must be arranged to make sure guests have an optimal stay and experience. Transportation, accommodations, and detailed wedding weekend itineraries must be taken care of in advance. There may be fewer choices when it comes to weekend wedding venues and more difficulty securing hotel blocks. 

With a wedding weekend, it can be hard to arrange everything in a seamless way and there will be less time for you to be alone before the big day. A way to resolve this is to plan free time for yourself and the guests. This way, they have the freedom to enjoy the weekend how they please. If you’re overwhelmed with the planning process, hiring a skilled event planner to create and execute a beautiful and immersive wedding will ease stress and make for an unforgettable day.