“Don’t Try and Serve a Market Demand Create the Market Demand.”-Nirjary M.Desai

Are you ready to make a Pivot? Many vendors in the event industry are unsure of what pivotal changes & services they need/should offer during this time. Well don’t worry because we have it figured out how to pivot your Indian wedding design and decor business post covid 19. Join us with 3 expert guests who are working on their small but impactful gathering pivot that will be an integral change for the new face of celebrations as we move forward and try to figure out what Social Distancing Parties & Small but Larger than Life Luxury parties will look like. We are excited to have creative decor & design maestros Shawna Yamamoto Designs & Prashe Designs joining us as we discuss “The Luxury Pivotal Party!”

Questions to Panelist: If you wish too fast forward to a question below. We have included the timestamp for each question to make it more efficient to get the answers you are looking for. 

3:29 Everyone feels that client’s won’t go for our services or luxury products and hence vendors will have to slash their prices, but what if we don’t try and Serve a Market Demand instead create the Market Demand?

4:20 Why is it important from a decor & design vendor perspective to not promote DIY events?

9:02 What are you guys doing right now to stay creative & still service clients or create events? Explain the pop up idea (Shawna) and floral arrangement class (Prashe)  

16:05 As destination weddings & events were becoming a norm before the pandemic how did you guys handle designing in foreign territory?  Is this something that you recommend others to consider who thought they needed their warehouse to travel with them?  Would you think this model will be profitable moving forward for designers?

23:03 How are you still maintaining a luxury service standard?

  • Setting standards for service levels
  • Pricing should not be reduced
  • Do we worry about the client and their budget or will they continue to shop the market

 28:03 We asked both design teams to take a set square footage of space, and design that space Pre-CoVID and now Post CoVID with keeping in mind social distancing.  

28:03 Premal Shah & Prashi Shah of Prashe Decor (Presents Event 1)

39:11 Shawna Yamamoto Design (Presents Event 2)

32:26 What is Design Distinction

40:13 How to Pitch your Vision

45:01 Why Community & Collaboration is so important moving forward

52:36 Building a better business tools


Nirjary Desai of Kis Cubed Events: @kis_cubed_events
Gene HigaMandala Weddings: @mandalaweddings


Guest Panelist/Experts:


Shawna Yamamoto Design

Shawna Yamamoto Event Design – Orange County, CA. @shawnayamamoto

CEO and founder of “Shawna Yamamoto Event Design” event designer and production manager, creative director, since 2009 Shawna is married and a mother to three busy boys. “I lived on a farm just up to my teenage years. I thrived in an environment where I had to make my own toys, build cities in the mud for my hot wheels, and I’d spend hours outside day and night exercising my imagination. I didn’t realize it then, but I truly believe it shaped my mind into seeing possibilities of design in everything.”

Our team at Shawna Yamamoto Event Design is different than most. We are designers, working tirelessly to create experiences and environments special and unique to each of our clients. We execute all types of events: grand or intimate, social, wedding, and corporate.

We believe that the most cohesive event is created when a team of experts work together. We’ll work with both you and your event planner to guide theme development and then we will execute it. As artists, our designs are truly unique. We strive to create things that have not been done before and we love to put our own twist on different styles.

We are fabricators of design as we use wood, fabric, and other non-floral elements to create decor. To add a softer touch or as the design requires, we import only the freshest and most unique flowers to create our floral masterpieces. We run a very sophisticated intern program, pulling students from multiple local top design colleges and universities. We believe that is imperative to help other designers gain access to this field, and we help them to experience the industry and execute designs.

Prashe Design

Prashe Event Decor and Design Company – Houston/Dallas, TX. @prashe

Wedding, Gala, Corporate or Social event? Prashe Decor will ensure stunning displays of decor and lavish event spaces consistent in captivating guests and intriguing the eye. Your event will begin with custom designs to portray your individual style of wedding or social event while maintaining a precise focus on your exact vision as our bride and client.

Prashe Decor enhances each and every event with full event design, custom linens, floral design, lighting, lounge and furniture rental, backdrops, draping, and more. Our ever expanding inventory allows the abiliity to feature grand displays of creativity and luxury for all events, lavish or intimate.  Our team will travel to your location, as we have executed events all over The United States.

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