While business is hard for many during these times of social distancing and closure, there are plenty of ways that you as a wedding planner can stay relevant. After all, this is the perfect time to connect with others and build your value in ways that you weren’t able to before. Here are several tips that will help you stay relevant until business gets back up and running again:


Continuous Education

One of the best ways to stay relevant as a wedding planner is to continuously educate yourself. Keep a list of current and upcoming trends, research your competition and past clientele, and study principles of various principles of design, such as fashion and interior design. Staying updated, even during these unprecedented times of social distancing, will prepare you to be on top of the game once government restrictions are removed.


Build Value

Some people don’t see the purpose or value in hiring a planner for their future events. It is your job to reach out to potential clients in a way that helps them see the importance of a wedding planner as part of their team in preparation for their special day.

There are many different ways you can build your value at a wedding planner, even from the comforts of your own home. What do you bring to the table as a wedding planner? What is unique about your services and expertise? What makes your business stand out? Then, create the right content, answering these questions and displaying your strengths. You can use quality content to cultivate leads and to inspire trust in your brand and services.


Seek Validation

Many small business owners have great ideas and are experts in their field, but don’t succeed. This is often because they didn’t take the time to connect with others, especially potential customers, and ask them what services or qualities are important to them and their needs.

Try connecting over phone or video calls with friends, family members, past clients, or potential clients. Ask them if you could perform a simple informational interview. If they accept, ask them about their past experiences. What were the positive and negative aspects about past events you have hosted? What would have helped? How could a planner have helped in these situations? If your business lines up with your customers’ true needs, there is greater potential to build your business.

No matter the disadvantages that come with these unprecedented times of social isolation, there is plenty to do to keep your business relevant. If you continue building yourself and your brand, there is no doubt that you will be prepared for when business picks back up again.

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