“United We Stand because Charity begins at Home and we are Human beings serving human beings!”-Nirjary M.Desai

“United We Stand!” It’s not about what I can do, it’s about what We can do together as an industry to achieve elevated standards in our very own markets and more so on a North American level with our South Asian event experts from all across the US & Canada. Our current state of affairs & ways of doing business has affected event professionals globally not just in our local regions, join us as we talk to event pros from across North America on coming together to help build a better business by standing united on many fronts.

Are you ready to stand united? This special webinar promoting unity in events without borders & limitations.
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04:58 – If we are willing to be of service to our clients. Making sure that all of their needs are met. How can we serve each other? In turn creating a more unified effort to uplift the entire industry.

Preeti Vasudeva – Preeti Exclusive@preetiexclusive

09:22 – Be vulnerable and honest. We all need support sometimes. It’s true our vulnerability and honesty creates respect amongst our peers.

Purvee Patel – Pree Events: @preeeventsla

18:32 – Networking is about giving value first. Not, asking for what you want. This allows our wedding partners to understand the power of generosity. This mindset creates happiness and evokes gratitude. Charity begins at home. Be the change.

 26:10- What is the meaning of community to you? How can you be the force of change in your own communities to start transparent conversations and grow together.

Dilshan Edussuriya – Dilshan Weddings: @dilshanweddings

 31:21 – Is there really local competition, what can we do to create a level playing field? We are all deserving. Maybe share your best practices or best advice on dealing with different situations?

37:48 – What can we do to empower one another? Learn from one another. Mindset is everything

Group discussion: 

46:35 – Do you hold yourself and your team accountable? Do you ask for feedback or give feedback to your wedding partners so we can continue to learn from the past and make tomorrow better.

52:43 –  Humble yourself – (Compassion, Integrity and Respect)

53:30 – Don’t get cliquey. Expanding yourself to new ideas and new people is how we grow. What can one do to put themselves in a situation that is outside of their norm?

1:05:10 What is your commitment to this industry? 



Nirjary M. Desai  from KIS Cubed Events

Gene Higa of Mandala Weddings


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