Hope our Santa doesn’t have to quarantine himself when he arrives for Christmas.

Hi! You found our list of fun and cringe-free Virtual Christmas party ideas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has surmounted normal working routines. Many employees are now choosing to sell their office and permanently work remotely.

Remote work isn’t a trend – It’s here to stay!

Forbid the idea of teammates dancing awkwardly in front of the webcam or getting drunk as they can’t bear the stop-start chat on video calls. 

It’s time to learn some fun virtual Christmas party ideas that your staff will enjoy. Most importantly, get your employees excited about that too.

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas 2020 – From Ornament crafting to festive team photos to holiday swag bags. Head on for more ideas:

  • Spreading Holiday Cheers

Indulge your taste buds with mouth-watering recipes showing cooking demonstrations or holiday-themed cookoffs.

Here’s to endless laughter, love, and memories.

Jackfrost Cocktail: Pineapple, vodka, honey and much more… Check out our recipe to learn this 5-minute holiday drink making your Christmas celebration joyful.

Drink Responsibly and Stay Safe!

  • Virtual Gingerbread Wars

Host a Gingerbread house competition.

Explain to your employees the marking criteria and choose a panel of judges. Each member can present their gingerbread house to the team. Furthermore, your board of judges can write down their scores on a piece of card and hold them up to the camera. This adds a bit of fun to the competition as it’s hosted in a ‘dancing on ice’ style format.

  • Virtual Holiday Bingo

Bingo has always been a fun and exciting game to play. Knowing what your team marks on makes the game exciting, keeping all the employees connected and swaying away from the mental stress.

You can let your teammates interact on chat or can play as a group throughout the party. The first player who marks five squares in a row wins.

  • Virtual Secret Santa

How much do we miss our secret Santa this year? Well… you can always celebrate the virtual way. Know how?

To hold a virtual Secret Santa party, you can choose names randomly or names given to you by the host, then send presents, and wait to open gifts together over the video call at the online party together.

We know that physical packages add a more tactile and personal element, but teammates can also send virtual presents such as online gift cards or internet subscriptions.

  • Host a Virtual Card Exchange

E-cards are the best options! But are they just as much fun as sending physical holiday cards? Well, you can revive this tradition but with a modern twist by instituting a Virtual Card Exchange.

Direct your remote employees to sites that offer fun digital cards like American Greetings. Consider allocating a budget so those teammates can send other members cards considering the same. You can also invite employees to design cards on a site like Canva. In the end, host a competition with categories like funniest or most creative.

  • Virtual Christmas Party Decoration

The favorite part of Christmas is decking the halls or trimming the Christmas tree with colleagues. Let’s celebrate Christmas remotely; here are a few decoration ideas for your workplace, like trim the chair with garland.

Find a virtual Christmas tree or design your own in your spreadsheet.

  • Create an online photo album where colleagues can share their home holiday scenes.
  • Design fun backgrounds during your holiday party video calls.
  • Create a Christmas wallpaper with your company name that everyone can set as their background.

Although your team is limited to computer screens, yet you can decorate it together!

  • Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is among the well-known Christmas party games. Firstly, you need to divide the group into two or more teams, and then turn the quest into a race. Also, you can award points based on the originality and absurdity of the answers.

Examples of Christmas party scavenger hunt:

  • Elaborate decoration.
  • Pet dressed in Christmas clothes
  • Heart-warming story
  • Family photo gone wrong
  • Drunken Santa

You can prepare your own challenge from scratch for your remote team.

  • Send Indulgence boxes to your Team

Who wouldn’t love to receive food or even some cute little items during the holiday seasons?

You can send your remote employees or colleagues their Christmas goodies a week before the Christmas party.

Some suggestions for your delightful Christmas goodie boxes as one of your virtual Christmas party ideas:

  • Holiday Recovery Kits
  • Personalized mug
  • Cookies, candies, sweets, and chocolates
  • Gift cards
  • Holiday-themed activities like crafts, puzzles, and games
  • DIY Holiday Kits

As the saying goes – “It’s the thought that counts.” Send your remote employees even small gift boxes that make them feel satisfied and special.

  • Perform Christmas Carols the Company Way

Usually, the rehearsals for Christmas carols start just after Thanksgiving Day. This year, get a twist in Christmas Carols by sprinkling some uniqueness of company carols.

Read our blog on Thanksgiving Day!

Before the party, let your team members know how to draft their versions of their favorite Christmas carols. Or, you can either assign certain songs to each of them as individuals or groups.

  • Movie-themed or Christmas Song Parade

This is another fun Christmas party game, which will leave you and the team laughing throughout the virtual party. In this game, you are required to act out the title of the song or movie surrounding Christmas. And, your teammates will have to guess it before the time runs out.

In the end, you can call out prizes for the top 3 best actors and quick guessers of the game. This may come to surprise the team. However, it’s an exciting twist.

 A Holiday Feast and a Virtual Party Dance

A party isn’t complete without good food and mood. Don’t you think so? The whole team can showcase their scrumptious edibles and can even share their recipes if they prefer.

Wear your dancing shoes and just move to the groove. What matters is, you are enjoying what you are doing.

So, this year let’s celebrate Christmas the Virtual way!

We hope these virtual Christmas party ideas will make your Christmas merrier in 2020. Share your screen, play some holiday music, and display all the submitted pictures with your Christmas party attendees. Make sure you use the full-screen mode!

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