It is a well-known fact among Atlanta event planners that any wedding is incomplete without the wedding speech. The familiar clinking of champagne flutes, glasses raised in unison, the wholehearted shouts of “hear-hear,” does it not remind you of some of the best celebratory moments of life?

Our professional wedding decorators in Atlanta noticed some subtle changes in the wedding celebrations taking place in recent years. Their observations verified what we felt; the wedding speech has taken on a whole new meaning for the couple and the guests.

Wedding speeches have now become a perfect opportunity to speak our hearts out about how much the prospective couple means to us. It has matured with time for people to say things they wouldn’t let out otherwise, something that can make every guest well up with tears of love and joy. With the help of our destination event management teams and wedding planners in Atlanta, GA, we have come up with this wholesome guide explaining how you can use wedding speeches to create the most memorable wedding moments.


Expert Atlanta wedding planners agree wholeheartedly that today’s couples are progressive and unique regarding their wedding celebrations. Even the wedding speeches have become more words of wisdom than just plain old sentimental speeches. The heavenly pair aren’t just bride and groom anymore; they are lifelong companions making uncompromising commitments to each other.

So, shouldn’t the wedding speeches reflect their epic journey to holy matrimony? Of course, it should!


Deciding who goes when and where regarding the wedding speech is one of the most overwhelming decisions a couple has to make before their wedding day. The sequence, location, timing, and speaker play vital roles in creating the picture-perfect moment, with memorable occasions for the people present.

According to our highly experienced Atlanta event planners, wedding speeches by the bride and groom, their parents, and siblings should always be given at the actual reception itself. Only the best man, the maid of honor, and other friends should speak at the rehearsal dinner unless specifically requested by the couple.


Wedding planners in Atlanta, GA, suggest that a wedding speech should never be longer than 2.5 minutes. It is crucial to keep in mind because most wedding guests tend to get bored, especially when there are no other entertainment or meal courses left.

Our wedding decorators in Atlanta pointed something else out. The shortened speech timeline also ensures that the guests have ample opportunity to engage with other people at their table or just take in the precious moment, and not just listen to someone speaking for too long.


To ensure that no one says anything offensive or inappropriate, the couple or their Atlanta wedding planners must screen the wedding speeches. A truly memorable wedding speech is always focused on things that are meaningful and relatable, not snarky. Jokes are, of course, funny within reason, but you should make sure that you’re not going overboard with the hysterics.

Knowing the audience is also essential and should be considered while writing the wedding speech of a lifetime. Nowadays, the person responsible for giving the wedding speech must understand how culturally and socially sensitive the audience is. Hence, one should always make sure that the address will not offend anyone’s sentiments in the audience.


One critical thing that every soon-to-be-wedded couple should remember is that each wedding speech will be different as it reflects the speaker’s personality and their relationship with the couple. The underlying variety should only add more fun to the celebration, not distract or take away any enjoyment.

If you agree with our Atlanta wedding planners, a round of entertaining and emotional wedding speeches goes a long way to making a wedding supremely memorable. Sentimental, funny, or nostalgic; often, the very best wedding speeches are a carefully considered combination of all three.

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