Corporate events can have different outcomes. Yes!

Some events can make you fall asleep in your seats, squirm with boredom, and give you no clue about what’s happening. If you have experienced the same in your previous corporate event, you need to introduce exciting and creative ideas to inspire.

Your event should have a primary goal: To convey a message that leaves attendees encouraged to take the desired action.

We know it’s challenging to pull off, but it’s very rewarding at the same time. Hire a professional corporate planner in Atlanta to help you with creative corporate event planning.

For instance: TED Conferences invites high-profile guests every year and brings you a library of world-class post event content that forces more and more attendees to revisit and make the event unforgettable.

Thus, you need to host a unique corporate event that’s unforgettable and attracts a large mass.

KIS (cubed) Events serves as your one-stop-destination for exclusive destination event management, and special event planning company that believes in creating an unforgettable experience for your special corporate event.

We strongly believe in these principals and try to implement them in making your event successful. You can even try introducing this or hire a professional corporate planner to make your work easier.

For a successful event, you need to make it powerful, memorable, and long-lasting by introducing the 4 I’s to create impactful events:

  • Inclusivity
  • Immersiveness
  • Intimacy
  • Inspiration

When you plan your corporate event, remember to introduce these 4 key elements, and we guarantee you can create an experience that relays your message and inspires them to take action. 

Let’s get started.

1. Organize inclusive corporate events

In this digital era, people long for personalized experiences when it comes to companies and brands. Your event should be tailored to educate a particular target audience.

At live events, participants want to be immersed, both mentally and physically. Thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and smart technology, audiences can get personalized experiences.

For your reference, we would like to highlight the Dreamforce keynote speech 2012 by CEO of, Marc Benioff, who took the time to walk through all rows of his 90000 audiences to make them believe that he was physically present.

Your guests need this type of attention and need to feel like their motive for attending the event is fulfilled. We will give some strategies to create ‘inclusive’ events.

  • Start a virtual event for people who can’t attend
  • Introduce a social media hashtag
  • Conduct online polls
  • Organize photo contest with hashtags
Creativity of event planners

At the end of the event, your attendees should feel refreshed and take back some learnings or ideas to implement in the future.

2. Host corporate events that immerse your audience

This is one of the most crucial aspects that cannot be neglected. Your event should be engaging enough to bring back an extra batch of people in your next event.

The best way to draw your audience is through storytelling. You need to take them out of their daily routines and introduce them to a different world. Try creating a physical reality or existential reality to make them feel different.

How to make your event immersive?

Invest in lighting, entertainment, ambiance, etc. Try to offer interactive experiences that are different from the real-world space. It aids in removing distractions and reduces the chances of your attendees’ attention to draw away.

You can also use digital tools like:

  • Photo booths with branded filters
  • AR displays
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Crowd-responsive lighting
  • Interactive touch screens that let guests navigate their own path
  • Tweet walls

A professional corporate planner will help in bringing out many such creative ideas. Choose KIS (cubed) Events today!

Create panoramas by projecting your brand onto the wall to create the mood and use videos to tell stories to keep them immersed until the end.

Speak with your corporate event planners about creative ways to improve engagement and experience.

3. Generate a sense of intimacy in your corporate events

Several events lack human connection. Yes!

Customer satisfaction

Your event shouldn’t just focus on colorful charts, complex diagrams, unending statistics, and long speeches. A personal human-to-human connection will increase your brand image and loyalty.

For this, plan activities that need social interaction between the groups.

You can divide your attendees into 5-8 groups (depending on the number of attendees) and throw some activities to increase socialization. You can even ask them to solve a puzzle that will help in brainstorming together and crowdsourcing solutions. Don’t forget to ask for feedback to help you improve your activities.

It not only enhances personal bonds but also adds a sense of empathy and community.

4. Always inspire people to be someone great

American magnate, Steve Jobs was a master in stirring his audiences’ emotions and excitement. If you hear any of his keynotes, you can feel how amazingly he appealed to more sobering emotions.

Like, in the iPad 2 announcement in 2011, when he returned from a leave of absence, he inspired his audience to continue looking forward, no matter what happened to him in the future.

His inspiration has helped in building positive and long-lasting relationships with the brand (Apple). Your corporate event planners need to have the ability to stir your attendees’ emotions.

Cut to the chase and build emotions that make a lasting impression. You can do the following:

  • – Host contests and challenges to increase excitement
  • – Invite keynote speakers who can connect emotionally
  • – Add video testimonials from happy customers or clients
  • – Introduce workshops or conferences

Make a strong impression on the people who’re present, and they would bring you more and more audience or brand loyalty.

At KIS (cubed) Events, we would like to advise you to step into your guests’ eyes and plan accordingly. Think about why your attendees are coming to your event? What should be their takeaways? How can you make it happen?

Several studies have shown that emotions can positively impact your memory and bring whimsy into your event.

We bring to you a few unique corporate event ideas that can make your attendees say ‘wow’:

  • – Convert corporate spaces into penthouse creation
  • – Introduce philanthropic activities
  • – Create a games area like an arcade or a branded cornhole station
  • – Treat your attendees to an appetizing dessert signage
  • – Hold award ceremony, sweepstakes, and giveaways
  • – Bring excitement through contests or challenges
  • – Build exotic escape rooms
  • – Offer a mindfulness workshop
  • – Call for unique staff uniforms and likewise.

For such creative ideas, hire professional corporate event planners who can give you that extra boost and develop custom ideas to create a long-lasting impression and memories for your guests.

KIS (cubed) Events is regarded as one of the top Southeast Asian event producers across the US and globally. They’ve received distinguished recognition in their industry and are the best social, corporate, and wedding planners in Atlanta, GA. We take care of everything from the planning to execution. Checkout our Facebook page for more!

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