Large-scale event planning involves layers of minute details that need to be supervised from day one of planning to the event execution day. Trying to keep track of every little detail without an event management checklist can be undoubtedly chaotic and stressful.

A large-scale event planning checklist can make a massive difference in the preparation and execution of the event. Since no two events are ever the same, Event Planners in Atlanta Georgia, advise creating a customized event planning checklist to suit your goals. Visit and get a hot lover now.

Planning An Event Checklist

A tailor-made big event planning checklist keeps you on target and provides essential information to all people involved. If you want to learn how to plan an event checklist, follow these simple steps.


  • Specify the purpose of the event.
  • Define target event audience.
  • Event hosting: In-person / Online
  • Event type: Profit / Non-Profit
  • Ticket Cost / Registration Charges


  • Get quotes and cost estimates.
  • Calculate total event expenses.
  • Suggest viable budget cuts.
  • Allocate individual budget slabs.


  • Finalize an event date.
  • Choose a backup event date.
  • Check for date clashes.
  • Create an event timeline.
  • Set individual schedules and deadlines.


  • Agree on an event location. (City/State/Country)
  • Pick a suitable event venue.
  • Check venue infrastructure and accessibility.
  • Ask for permits, licenses, terms and conditions.
  • Create a fully-mapped out event layout.


  • Come up with a catchy event name.
  • Brainstorm a relatable event theme.
  • Research guest speakers and entertainment.
  • Get themed event logos, decor, and signage.


  • Research sponsorship prospects.
  • Make a list of ideal sponsors.
  • Create multi-tier sponsorship packages.
  • Deliver sponsorship proposal pitch.
  • Stay in touch with confirmed sponsors.
  • Request sponsor logos for event designs.


  • Create an event registration website/webpage.
  • Set a registration fee and list complimentary items.
  • Offer complete event details on the site/page.
  • Optimize for mobile-friendliness and lead generation.


  • Create separate invitation lists for VIPs and other guests
  • Make personalized invites for VIPs, speakers, and partners.
  • Prepare generalized invitations for other guests and clients.
  • Send out invites via email, social media, press releases, etc.
  • Follow up for confirmation from VIPs, guests, and speakers.


  • Develop a detailed marketing strategy.
  • Arrange logo-branded event merchandise.
  • Distribute event-related press releases.
  • Create event live streaming groups online.
  • Shoot a promo event testimonials video.
  • Share event-related social media posts.
  • Set up a paid advertisement campaign.
  • Offer early bird/exclusive discounts.
  • Analyze and improve marketing efforts.


  • Make a list of all event-related services required.
  • Conduct deep market research to shortlist vendors.
  • Book and confirm all service providers in writing.
  • Run insurance, liability, staff, and equipment checks.
  • Place orders for all technical & electronic equipment.
  • Hire catering and bar services to create an event menu.
  • Acquire all essential food licenses and safety permits.
  • Engage professional camera people and an A/V crew.
  • Organize materials for venue and stage decoration.
  • Arrange entertainment and engagement activities.
  • Make arrangements for VIP guests and speakers.


  • MProofread and finalize all printed event material.
  • Create a welcome package with seating plans.
  • Arrange posters, banners, flyers, and booths.
  • Prepare itineraries, placeholders, and menus.


  • Conduct early briefings for all event-related personnel.
  • Run final service rehearsals and systems evaluations.
  • Complete last-minute safety and security inspections.
  • Check-in with the event vendors and service providers.
  • Set up food, beverage, gift, photo, and sponsor booths.
  • Order wholesome meals for employees and volunteers.
  • Finalize decoration and run lights testing and sound checks.
  • Set up a registration desk with neatly arranged name tags.
  • Assist speakers, sponsors, and other guests with concerns.
  • Start an event live stream and share photos on social media.
  • Meet and greet sponsors, speakers, guests, and partners.
  • Ensure that everyone experiences the show.
  • Thank all guests and volunteers at the event.
  • End the event day with a wrap-up and pack-up.
  • Undertake proper waste management techniques.


  • Get in touch and collect feedback from the guests.
  • Collect testimonials from sponsors and guests.
  • Ask for detailed feedback from all event VIPs.
  • Compile executive summaries/sponsor reports.
  • Follow up with detailed surveys from guests.
  • Settle vendor accounts and ask for feedback.


  • Hold a debrief meeting for all involved staff.
  • Record, compile and analyze all feedback.
  • Agree on event execution shortcomings.
  • Mutually decide improvement methods.


  • Share event photos with all attendees.
  • Send out personalized thank you notes.
  • Update the event website/webpage.
  • Create a social media buzz on the event.

We hope that you found this large-scale event planning checklist informational and helpful in holding future events. You can use this event management checklist as a foundation for executing large-scale event planning ventures.

KIS Cubed Events are the leading event planners in Atlanta with years of large-scale event planning experience. To learn more about how to plan an event checklist, please read our blog here.

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