Celebration of fertility, color, love, and a triumph of good over evil – the most vibrant festival of the year is here!

While March begins, winter fades away, bringing joy and expectation to India’s Hindu people: the Holi festival begins. The word “Holi” comes from the Latin word “hola,” which means “thank you to the Lord for the growing season.” This is why Holi traditions are celebrated when the winter season comes to an end and the Spring Harvest starts.

Holi has no bars, and it also knows no limits. Holi traditions are celebrated with excitement and goodwill wherever Indians or people of Indian descent are present. Colors are thrown about, a bonfire named Holika is lit, and the triumph of good over evil is celebrated.

Every festival aims to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and make it more exciting. Moreover, celebrating the festival is to draw people together, create a sense of brotherhood, and spread peace in the community.

Holi has now evolved into a worldwide festival, with thousands of people participating each year all around the world. It’s because, even though Holi is a Hindu festival, all cultures and faiths are welcome to join. After all, it reflects a single and universal value known as “existence.”

Anyone residing or working abroad should be mindful of Holi traditions and their potential effect on business and social life. Although most people concentrate on how Holi is celebrated in Hindu-majority countries such as India, here are a few exciting examples of how this magnificent cultural festival is celebrated in other parts of the world.

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Let’s dive in to see how the colorful festival ‘Holi’ is celebrated across the world.

1. India

If you want to celebrate Holi with the best in India, you should go to Vrindavan. The aroma of roses, which identifies the festival over here, is a big part of the festivities. Holi traditions are also performed with natural colors and flowers on the grounds of temples.

Vrindavan, which is synonymous with Lord Krishna, is famous for its unrivaled Holi celebrations. According to legend, the Lord himself enjoyed celebrating the festival, so it has become something of an auspicious and religious ritual for the locals. If you’re familiar with hemp, try bhang. Another must-see local festival is the lath maar Holi in Barsana, Nandgaon, and Mathura.

On Holi’s special day, people will gather in public places and coat each other with ‘gulal’, a colorful glitter color denotes a different meaning: yellow represents intelligence, blue represents commitment, green represents happiness, and red represents sensuality.

Participants often drench each other in sweat, dance to live street music, consume intoxicating drinks and finish delectable food. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags with some colors and fill your excitement to celebrate Holi in India!

2. United States

With a huge Indian community in the United States of America, Holi is celebrated with enthusiasm and fanfare in this region.

Different Indian communities and religious groups help people celebrate this joyous festival and feel connected to their ancestral origins. They also arrange music programs and Holi Meets to celebrate the occasion. These gatherings assist the next generation in identifying with their ethnic roots. Children learn about the importance of festivals and the stories associated with them.

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3. Australia

Several festivals are held in Australia where people will experiment with non-toxic colors. On this day, many people dress up in traditional white clothing and hold parties or festivals where they hurl colors at each other. Melbourne organizes the Holi festival series, which is the perfect way for Indians to indulge their need to be drenched in a rainbow of colors.

The Holi Tradition here in Australia is an occasion for Australians to expand their knowledge of the Hindu faith, which is a way of embracing the season of spring and bidding goodbye to the winters’ gloom. This festival provides an occasion for Australians to commit to celebrating victory over evil!

3. Bangladesh

Because of the prevalence of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim traditions, the Bengal region has a multifaceted history. Even though Muslims predominate in the region, Hindus still celebrate their Holi traditions with zeal.

Of course, the pomp and display of Holi as seen in India is absent, but festivities do take place. People gather in temples to welcome one another and play with colors.

4. Mauritius

Mauritius, being a Hindu republic, celebrates almost all festivals with the same intensity as India. People here have an excellent time and joke a lot during the festival. The whole country is adorned with blooming spring flowers and lush green fields at this time of the year.

On the eve of Holi, Hindus observe Holika Dahan’s ritual, or the lighting of a bonfire, to commemorate good over evil triumph. The next day, people celebrate and play with colors, drenching all with water jets known as pichkaris. In the evening, they greet one another with tilak and share sweets.

5. Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad, and Tobago

The Hindu community accounts for approximately 30-35 percent of the total population in these nations, and it is also a significant festival here. Holi is known as “Phagwah” in this region, and it is celebrated with great pride and display. People from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar came to this land as contracted laborers in the nineteenth century, and it has since become a part of their community.

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Similarly, as Holika is burned in India, a castor oil plant is cultivated and burned as Holika. Chowtaals are songs that are explicitly performed as a part of the Holi Tradition. Delights such as bara, gulgula, tamarind chutney, and mahambhog are made for the occasion.

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